Resource Monitor for Windows XP?

  prester-john 09:46 01 Sep 2013

I must've clicked a button by mistake for my last question ('Exe Advisor Repair Tool - any experience of it?'), 'cos it says it's resolved. It isn't, so here's a new start from where we had got to:

Windows Vista and 7 have a tool called Resource Monitor which can diagnose constant unwanted disc activity. Windows XP doesn't, not bundled with it, anyway. Where can I get it, or similar, for XP? - preferably free, of course, but not only.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:53 01 Sep 2013

John, apologies for not spotting the last reply in your previous thread. It seems I no longer receive any forum notification e-mails since the last PC Advisor "upgrade".

I did a quick Google search and discovered that Process Hacker 2.31 looks like it would be a suitable alternative to the Windows Resource Monitor as it has the ability to display disk activity. I've actually used Process Hacker before and it's a useful tool that can be trusted.

Note: To enable the "Disk" tab I had to go into the "Hacker" menu -> Options -> "General" tab -> tick "Enable Plugins".

  Secret-Squirrel 12:07 01 Sep 2013

......I forgot to mention that in the "Disk" section you should click the column-heading buttons to sort the entries so that the most active ones are at the top. That'll make finding the culprits a lot easier.

  bumpkin 14:29 01 Sep 2013

Will this info not show in Task Manager/Processes or have I misunderstood as usual.

  Secret-Squirrel 21:22 01 Sep 2013

"Will this info not show in Task Manager/Processes"

Task Manager lists details for CPU activity and memory usage/allocation. It doesn't show processes that are using the hard disk so it can't really help the OP discover why the hard drive is constantly busy.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:58 02 Sep 2013

John, I was troubleshooting an XP PC this morning and needed to see what the hard disk was doing. I ran Process Hacker and disappointingly the "Disk" tab wasn't present.

I now suspect that it may not be possible to monitor disk activity in Windows XP :(

Apologies if I've wasted anyone's time.

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