Resorting and batch renaming pictures problem in Windows 8.1

  collinsc 20:44 15 Aug 2014


About a year ago i had a problem in Windows 7 where i could not resort nd rename pics, so i could put them in my own order. After making the regedit changes i did not have the problems with resorting the pictures nor then renaming... that is to say i could successfully drag the pics to the order i want, select all, batch rename and they were in the order as i had renamed.

Now i have Windows 8.1. I have made the regedit changes and can drag the pics into the order i require. however, when selecting all and then batch rename, it does not rename the pics in my order... it renames them in the order of the time they were taken.

So the issue is that is is renaming the pics in the date/time it was taken rather than my order.

REF: click here advice appreciated! The alternative is to individually rename each pic. Many thanks!


  rdave13 21:22 15 Aug 2014

I've not used this Utility but worth a browse to see what you can accomplish with it. Compatible with Win 8.1.

Bulk Rename Utility.

  HenryF75 08:25 16 Aug 2014

I use BRU regularly in Win 8.1. It will certainly do all you wish for. Do not be put off by the interface. It is a bit intimidating at first. Just concentrate on options 5,7,8,and 10 until you get used to it.

  collinsc 10:25 16 Aug 2014

thanks guys i'll give it go and report back! cheers

  collinsc 19:05 16 Aug 2014

Thanks for the advice.

i have familiarised myself with the utility.. but i dont see how it might be able to help with my issue..

the only way i can think is if the utility WILL allow me to sort i to the order i require and NOT rename in the order the photo was taken.. but to do that i need to view the images in the utility to drag around..

i cant find a way to view ALL the images in the utility at the same time.4options>display>picture viewer will allow you to view the pic you have selected only

many thanks

  rdave13 19:16 16 Aug 2014

I think it is this you're looking for? disable auto arrange.

  collinsc 09:41 17 Aug 2014

thanks rdave13 - i have used this to disable auto range - thanks my problem now is that AFTER re-ordering the pics in to the sequence i require, when i select all to bulk rename, instead of renaming in the new order, they are renamed in the order they were taken!

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