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  Dorsai 20:54 05 Jul 2004

While willing to offer my (well ment but often irrelivent) help, would it not help us all if the 'latest thread' box on the left when in the helproom, looking at a spicific thread, had some way of indicating that the thread had been marked 'resolved' by it poster? that way i would not visit a thread, just to find it's over and done with. I know if i visit the 'helproom fourum/my posting' this is shown, but the links on the left to latest threads doesn't.

Or am i just being 'pedantic'?

  VoG II 21:03 05 Jul 2004

Are you saying that you don't see any green ticks in Helproom?

There are some - pitifully few - but some, anyway.

  stalion 21:08 05 Jul 2004

This subject crops up every couple of weeks there does not seem to be a solution to it.If members do not tick we just have to wait till the post dissapears

  Chris the Ancient 21:24 05 Jul 2004

No, you're not being pedantic, it is upsetting when the feedback isn't there.

What happens - far too often - is that somebody has a crisis, comes here, gets the problem resolved and disappears in a puff of happiness that their problems are resolved.

It's rather like getting the kids to write 'thank you letters' after Christmas!

I just accept it and get on with other things.


  Dorsai 21:24 05 Jul 2004

maybe i did not make myself clear. When i re-visit this thread i see a list of 'latest threads' in a blue box down the left of my browser, under the 'helproom' and 'search' boxes. I often visit one of these threads to find that it IS marked resolved, but i only find this out after going to it. If i click on the 'helproom' link 'view all subjects' i do see the ticks, same in 'view my postings'..

  Dorsai 21:31 05 Jul 2004

A typical example is now showing in the left of my screen.

'Amstrad PCW8256 circa 1990 ("Joyce")'

this link has been marked as resolved by who ever posted it, but in the list of latest links i can see, in the blu box, there is no way to tell this i just have a small black square, followed by the thread name. as i am on dial up i don't want to visit a solved thread, as it's done and dusted.

  Dorsai 20:38 06 Jul 2004

no one seems to interested, so i mark as resolved (through last of interst)

  Graham ® 20:55 06 Jul 2004

I don't think it is relevant whether a topic is ticked as resolved or not. If it is a subject that interests you, you will look anyway to see the solution. Bear in mind that if you tick resolved, you will no longer receive an Email.

  end 21:02 06 Jul 2004

BUT....another " hitch " which I " discovered " today....when F.E. " closes" a thread for whatever reason, that thread does not seem to " get ticked off(!!!)".........(unless of course the originator still has to option TO "tick it off"????)...........

and, was thinking myeself today (carefull!!!)that I do have some threads that need " reviewing " to see if " closure" is "appropriate"......

  BBez 08:54 07 Jul 2004

yes, it can be frustrating if it's solved or not but sometimes the links that are posted in reply to the thread provide me with a solution so i usually search the forum first then post a thread if an answer isn't found...

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