Resolutions on EPSON Stylus Photo 900

  Gary 01:00 21 Sep 2003

I have just bought a Stylus Photo 900. Before that I had an 880. I am having trouble converting the settings I used to use on the 880 to the 900 because the 880 let me see what resolution I was printing at whereas the 900 just allows me to choose a type of print job- photo, text, best photo etc. Can anyone advise what resolution each of these corresponds to on the various media types available, or direct me to a webpage where I might find out?



  Djohn 01:13 21 Sep 2003

According to Epson's web site the info. you require is under, "Resolution performance management" j.

  Gary 11:26 21 Sep 2003

Can you tell me where you found that information on EPSON's site please? I have been looking at their site without success. I have had a look at the drivers and the only information I can see about resolution performance management, "RPM", is that this is one of the resolutions settings I can make. The trouble is that there are the following settings:

Text and Image
Best Photo

and each of these settings appears to vary what resolution it prints at dependant on the paper type you have selected.

To my mind, this is a good idea for beginners, but I have been printing for years, and know what resolutions I want to use for what, so I would have liked the option to choose by resolution instead. However, if that is not possible, simply knowing what each of the above settings is equal to on each different paper type would be useful. A simple chart is all it would need but EPSON appear reluncant in providing this information!

Thanks again for your suggestion though, and I look forward to reviewing the page on Epson's website that you refer to. In the meantime, if anyone else has any ideas they'd be gratefully received!


  Gary 11:27 21 Sep 2003

The forum engine seems to have removed the line breaks in my post above. The list of settings should be: Economy, Text, Text and Image, Photo and Best Photo.

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