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  swanny2 15:53 11 Jan 2006

Hi there. (Windows xp media centre)
Can any 1 help please coz this is doing my head in .My resolution settings r set too 1280x960 ive had too set it too this so i can get a full visible window too see.b4 it was set too 1024x768 this setting was ok for me too see as it was quite everything ran smooth,i have a golf game an wen i go into it i have too change my settingtoo view a full when i canme out of that my windows screen was exactly the same as in golf.even tho id changed the res back.
After i set it back too 1024x768 an rebooted the windows was only on half me monitor ,ive tryed altering it on monitor settings but it wont widen it far stumped because the settins that its set too now is a bit too small for me too view.sorry for goin on but i hope u understand what i mean :O)

Swanny .:O)

  recap 16:27 12 Jan 2006

Look in the Device Manager to see if there are any conflicts with your graphics card or any other device.

To do this: go to Start/Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager

  swanny2 23:58 12 Jan 2006

ive got too device manager mate but what am i meant too be looking for?

Swanny :O)

  swanny2 00:06 13 Jan 2006

ive just bought a family pack with a few games in it .some of them when installed,like before i can see the game but its like one half of the game is on 1 side of me the other half on the other side of the a gap in the middle.i dont understand why?
please help if u can .ta .

  swanny2 09:49 14 Jan 2006

Ive loaded 4 more games an its still not showing a full pic on me screen ,the other half is hangin off me screen . help needed . frustrated now :O)

cheers ..
Swanny :O)

  swanny2 21:10 14 Jan 2006

Now when i come out of a game too reboot ,my monitor changes colour slowly then goes a dark colour an doesnt reboot proper with windows showing. .Ihave too unplug it . any ideas, also ive altered the settings on me monitor an i still get half the game on me screen, grr, cheers .

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