Resolution problem after driver update

  RobertBlep 23:53 03 Jun 2017

I just got a new graphics card (geforce 1050 Ti), I decided to update the drivers because it's new and I was fine at 1920x1080. When the drivers installed, I was still at 1080p but it was very zoomed in and looks like 1080p doesn't fit on my screen anymore. I've tried rolling back, that just leaves it at the microsoft drivers. I've also tried DDU, it put my pc in safe mode, and it looked normal in 1080p. Any help?

  rdave13 00:09 04 Jun 2017

When you right click a blank space on the desktop what do you get?

  q33ny 09:20 04 Jun 2017

What OS are you running? If you have the right driver when you get to the resolution, windows has a 'Recommended' resolution. Try that one. Also it is worth checking the setting for 'Size of text,apps and other items'

  rdave13 11:57 04 Jun 2017

Check the graphics scaling is set to 'maintain display scaling' or similar setting in your set-up.

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