resolution problem

  Mr A! 15:48 31 Jul 2004

when i was inserting a DVD into my computer and about five minuets later it said that the graphics would be better on a higher graphics resolution than it already was and there was only an ok button so i pressed it and the monitor went blank because the resolution was too high, therefore i could still use the computer but without seeing it . so then i went in safe mode to change the resolution and I changed it but the images were too big and only had 16 colours instead of 256 colours at this point my wireless mouse stopped working and then I went back into safe mode to change the resolution to a bit higher resolution and it said that it would have to shut my computer down for it to work but then when it did load up it was still the big resolution therefore it is not doing what I tell it to do and ive tried changing the resolution several times and it wont listen to my order. anything I do just makes it worse and my keyboard even stopped working for a time. any help urgently!!

and by the way ive already tried going back in time on the computer that doesn’t work either. (windows me system restore)

  woodchip 16:19 31 Jul 2004

what operating system, if 98se go to explorer in safe mode Go to windows folder and look for Win.ini and a Win.old or bak or some thing on those lines, if you can see it change the Win.ini to Win0.i~i and change the other that you found to Win.ini and restart computer come back to say if it worked or not as there is another file that you can do the same to get it back to what it was. To change, you need right click the file and rename

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