resolution has changed after installing windows 7

  rossgolf 03:37 11 Jan 2010

I installed windows 7 a while back now as a dual boot with xp.
When I installed it, it set the resolution at 1600 x something (not on it atm)
Yet my xp resolution is at 1280 x 720

When I set my w7 resolution to that, the screen seems out of focus somewhat. and doesn't fit the screen properly.

I've updated all drivers so that's not the case.

Any suggestions?

  mooly 07:52 11 Jan 2010

I have Vista but this may help.
You must use the "native resolution" of the display as anything else gives unclear images.
I found this,
click here

Native resolution,
click here

So set at native, and use the DPI setting to make text larger or smaller.

  rossgolf 13:52 11 Jan 2010

ye i to use the scroll wheel to zoom in but it just gets a bit annoying as i am about 6ft away from the screen due to it being at the end of my bed and me laying down with my head obviously 6ft away.
ill have a play anyway.


any more suggestions welcome though

  rossgolf 14:10 11 Jan 2010

well. i think ive done it after a bit of a play around.

just to check though, whats the last link you can see on the left hand side of the pc advisor home page?

  DieSse 18:10 11 Jan 2010

PCA will normally have a black border at both edges, as it is a fixed width site - ie it stays the same number of pixels wide irrespective of how your screen resolution is set. The more horizontal pixels you are set to, the wider the black strips will be.

It looks about 80 pixels wide to me.

Some web designers do it that way as it means the page always looks how they want it to look, and doesn't keep changing width, and potentially layout, as variable width designs do.

Many professionally composed sites are fixed width, and they may be centred (like PCA) or left aligned.

  DieSse 18:11 11 Jan 2010

80 pixels - er should be 800, sorry.

  rossgolf 02:12 12 Jan 2010

right, I've got it all sorted how I want it now after setting the dpi to 125% I think it was.
But even with cleartype on, the texts still seems a little out of focus on some programs

Any ideas?

  mooly 07:38 12 Jan 2010

Have you got "use xp scaling" ticked in the custom DPI settings. Assuming W7 has that as did Vista. I found MS works etc were lurry until I did this... it's all in the link I posted earlier.

I see two ESET ads one each side, no empty borders.

  mooly 07:39 12 Jan 2010

"lurry" or blurry even lol

  rossgolf 20:18 12 Jan 2010

i have checked that now and its gone back to before so i think ill just leave it unchecked and live with it. its not to much hassle anyway.
cheers guys

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