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Resolution for a 22inch TFT monitor

  keverne 15:56 23 Jan 2008

I'm thinking about buying a 22" TFT monitor and all those I've looked at have a native resolution of 1680*1050.

However my Geforce graphics card lists loads of different resolutions right up to 2048*1536 but 1680*1050 isn't one of them. The nearest is 1600*900 or 1600*1200.

Can anyone explain to me if it is possible to connect a 22" and at what resolution please?

  keverne 16:19 23 Jan 2008

nVidia Sparkle Geforce 8400 (with a 19" TFT @ 1280*1024) on Vista.

  keverne 18:24 23 Jan 2008

In the manual it lists various but not 1680*1050. Apart from 1280*1024 for 19" and 1920*1200 for 24" I'm struggling to identify what TFT resolutions some of the higher ones are for:-

Thanks also to Lisa02 & alan14

  keverne 21:02 23 Jan 2008

I'm still puzzled though.

  keverne 21:11 24 Jan 2008

Thanks everybody - I'm going to get a monitor this weekend.

  keverne 17:27 25 Jan 2008

On my way to get a 22" I came across a good deal on a 24" HP w2408h. Not being able to resist it the cash was splashed.

...and it is great!

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