Resizing a partition - help please

  Dutchy11 21:42 08 Aug 2004

I recently upgraded my win98se machine to XP pro. The install did it all itself. The 40Gb HDD was partitioned into 3 FAT32 parts - 8Gb, 1 GB and 30Gb before the upgrade.

Following, my C: is almost full - and I'm constantly getting warnings to delete files etc.

Theres plently of space on the largest part. I was hoping to simply increase the size of the C: - but partition magic wont let me do it. Never used the programme until now - so not savy with the details.

What options do I have ?



  Zak 21:49 08 Aug 2004

Just in case you have not already done the following.

Have you first decreased the size of the 30Gb partition?

You need to resize itby the amount you need to increase your C: partition.

Once you have done that, you should be able to increase your C: partition

  Dutchy11 21:53 08 Aug 2004

Thanks - no - I have not done that. I'll try that and get back to you.

  TomJerry 21:55 08 Aug 2004

If you do not want to destory data on HDD, these two programs can be used to resize and merge partitions and convert file format.

But, MAKE BACKUP first for extra security!!!!

  Night Ryder 22:03 08 Aug 2004

Partition magic will allow you to change the partition size of your C drive. Before you can do this you will have to change the size of the other partitions. Typicaly, reduce the size of the 30Gig partition to provide the space.

A work around could be to change where windows puts its page file. Instead of having this file on the C drive you could set windows to save it's page file to the 30Gig partition.

  Dutchy11 07:43 09 Aug 2004

Thanks for all the advice. As Zak and others highlighted to me - making the 30Gb partition smaller was the first action required - and this prompted me to allocate the space created to another drive - so solving the issue.

Looks like its worked.

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