resizing NTFS partitions

  dmm27 10:27 28 Feb 2006

Just got a new PC, and got the store to split the 80GB HDD into 20GB and 60GB partitions.

Unfortunately they put XP on the 60GB, when I wanted it on the 20GB one. Is there any way of resizing the partitions, without having to reinstall XP.

I have put some data on, but dont mind losing that as its backed up. I have also installed some other progs. It would be easier not to reinstall these, but no hassle.

I dont really want to have to reinstall XP tho.

Will 20GB be big enough to happily hold XP, (and MSoffice which is yet to be installed)? Essentially I want to put all progs on 1 partition, and all data on the other.

  remind 10:42 28 Feb 2006

You could try this click here and if the `free trial` means it doesn't actually do anything keep an eye out for an older version on a cover-disk.
I've used presizer before (Free - click here). Make sure you back everything up first, no comeback with a free product

  Diodorus Siculus 10:42 28 Feb 2006

You can do it with a program such as Partition Magic or Partition Manager.

20gb will be enough for Windows and your programs; you can then use the other partition for data as you suggest.

  c4rmo 10:46 28 Feb 2006

Partition Resizer v. 1.3.4

works a treat for me

  johnnyrocker 10:52 28 Feb 2006

would using disk manager be of any help?

just a thought.


  dmm27 10:54 28 Feb 2006

according to the FAQ's partition resizer will not resize ntfs :-(

it only moves it (whats the point of that then?)

  remind 11:02 28 Feb 2006

Try Ranish click here

  dmm27 11:10 28 Feb 2006

when you say disk manager, do you mean the one that is in XP?

having only just got XP from win98, i am still fairly clueless as to what XP can from built in tools

  dmm27 11:12 28 Feb 2006

how do i actually find disk manager in XP??

  Monument 11:14 28 Feb 2006

Disk Managment will not resize the patrtitions in teh way you want.

  dmm27 11:19 28 Feb 2006

according to an old Pcadvisor mag, RAnish doesnt work with NTFS partitions, unless anyone can confirm otherwise

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