Resizing my entire website by 125%

  scantpie 15:47 19 May 2013

Hi, This is my website:

I made it years ago when I as worried about how it looked on early phones with low resolutions. Now almost everything is high rsolution (and if it's not, I don't care) and when I view the site on my high resolution desktop monitor it looks tiny. In Firefox and IE I just press ctrl + to re size the website and it looks great at around 125% total scale re size.

Now, all I want to do is auto-replicate this function. I want to be able to keep the format, design and content identical, but simply default re size/zoom everything by 125%.

I have been on every forum and checked the top 100 Google links and nobody knows how to easily re size a website! If my browsers can do it with a simple two button press, why can't I auto programme the same feature by default?

I am very frustrated that this is not simple. All I am hearing is re size every table, image, font, css values and God knows what else. I have tried this and it has not worked out at all. The format gets screwed up. I must have missed some values in the html or css, but I've started from scratch several times and keep getting nowhere.

I would be happy to pay for assistance if anybody can just auto zoom my whole website by 125%, which my browser can do so easily and perfectly by pressing two buttons on the keyboard.

Hope you can help.

  fourm member 07:42 20 May 2013

'I made it years ago'

That is obvious. Your main content is in a table and that is not the best way to do it for all sorts of reasons.

I think your time would be better spent on a rebuild to use CSS rather than trying to mess about with an out of date layout.

  Forum Editor 18:27 20 May 2013

It's pretty easy to make a site resize itself to fit a visitor's screen, but it can irritate people intensely - me included.

I agree with fourm member, a redesign using CSS would be a far better way to go.

  scantpie 19:17 21 May 2013

First Forum Member, thank you for your sarcastic comment. I don't know enough about web design to start again or edit anything properly

Forum Editor, I don't actually want it to resize itself to a viewer's screen, I simply want to enlarge the fixed width and height, which you do on a web browser by pressing two buttons.

I want everything on the page to be 125% instead of 100%. All I want is software or css or whatever that enlarges the whole site and sets 125% as default.

  fourm member 08:56 22 May 2013

It wasn't meant as a sarcastic comment.

Table based websites cause all sorts of problems for the wide range of devices used today. And tables can also affect the way search engines rank a site.

I took into account that you had said 'I would be happy to pay for assistance'. If you are going to pay for something you'd be much better paying to have the site rebuilt to current standards rather than tweaking the existing design without solving its problems.

  lisedior 19:16 12 Jun 2013

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