Resizing an image to fit A4 page

  terendak_uk 10:24 21 Apr 2005

I have 150pix/inch pic, size 21.51 x 29.6, which I scanned in, copying the original A4 pic. I want to print it so that it completely covers the A4 sheet I'm printing on, except for a 1cm blank margin down the left side( I want to bind it). I thought all I had to do was to insert into Powerpoint, match it to the A4 size, then move the image to the right, to create the gap. Then print. Not so. It always gives me a border. This happens in Photoshop and Word, also. Be most grateful for any advice.

  Taff36 10:36 21 Apr 2005

First of all your printer must be able to print borderless. In general terms Photo printers will but others need a border so check your manual.

In Word when you paste in the picture you need to right click it and select format picture. On the layout tab select "behind text". You can now resize the picture using the "Handles" in each corner and centre of each edge. Check that you have set the margins of the document to the maximum in File>Page Set up. Then look in print preview to see what will be printed. (Is all of the original picture there for example. Post back if this doesn`t work with your version of Word details and the type of image. (jpg, tiff etc)

  terendak_uk 11:35 21 Apr 2005

using Office 2000, did that with the tiff image, as you also suggested. Taken out margins in page set-up and looked in print preview...... no joy. Perhaps it's the printer. It's a Phaser 8400 , so not a "photo printer" as such. I'm looking for info pertaining to printer defaults re borders...can only find, so far, statements re the borders ie 5mm all round. Not ability to change/get rid of.Thnak again...any more help would be great.

  Taff36 11:56 21 Apr 2005

If the manual says 5mm border that`s what you`re stuck with I`m afraid. I take it the resizing worked.

The only other way (which I don`t recommend) is to change your paper size from A4 to Letter. This will gain some extra print area but if it`s an inkjet without paper sensor it will deposit surplus ink in the printer

  terendak_uk 12:52 21 Apr 2005 resizing. Thanks. The printer is a colour laser dye sublimation printer. I will check on my Epson photo 890 at home....that may be able to "lose" the margins.

  griffon 56 13:21 21 Apr 2005

Hi Terendak,

Using an old HP Deskjet 930c I've had good results with just what you need by the following methods.

In 'Page Setup' in Word reduce all the margins to 10mm and ignore offers from Word to resize the margins as you exit 'Setup'.

The two methods which work well are:
1. Copy your image. Open the Word document into which you want to paste it and in the drop-down 'Edit' menu choose 'Paste Special'. In this menu choose 'Picture' and OK. The picture will appear, always larger than the size you have nominally given it in its normal folder. Click on it to highlight then click on 'Format' in the Word toolbar and in the drop-down menu click on 'Picture' or 'Object' (they are alternatives depending on the origin of the image). In the resulting dialogue box click on the 'Wrapping' tab and set your choice to 'Square'. Select the dimension boxes for 'Top, Bottom, Left, Right' to something suitable, like 0.4cm and click OK.

Use the corner handles on your image to drag it to the size you want by eye, it will retain its proportions, and if you want to add text the text will surround the image as you type because of the 'Wrapping' feature you have set.

2. Open your Word document and click on 'Insert' on the tool bar. In the drop-down menu point at 'Picture' and click on 'From File'. Browse to the image file and select it from the list. Click OK. The image will appear the right size in your document and you can then 'Format' it for Word Wrapping as before and resize it to suit.

Both these methods work well, the Paste Special is more convenient when you are actually working on an image and have it displayed in your image editor there in front of you, and the 'Insert' method is best for stuff you have filed away. Best of luck with it.

  terendak_uk 10:52 25 Apr 2005

to you both. Apologies for late acknowledgement. Unfortunately, as Taff pointed out, the laser printer refused to print without the borders even with Griffon's excellent advice. Am now checking the photo printer.
Cheers again.

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