resize windows

  1x11456 18:21 13 Jun 2003

i have read someware on how to resize windows but i cant for the life of me remember where my problem is every time i log on to the net i have to maximise the opening windows and i cant remenber how to make it remenber.thanks for any help. iam running win xp pro. glenn

  watchful 18:26 13 Jun 2003

Have you tried going to View, at the top, and clicking on Full screen from drop-down menu?

  1x11456 18:33 13 Jun 2003

yes but its not perminent it still opens in min windows not max size

  keith-236785 18:35 13 Jun 2003


when you open internet explorer (or whichever browser you are using, heres what to do to get it to stay the size you want

1. click in the title bar (blue Bar) and drag up/left to the very top corner of the screen

2. go to the bottom left hand corner (the cursor should change to a double headed diagonal arrow)

3. click and keep pressed the left mouse button and drag the screen down/right to the size you want,

4. let go of the mouse button

Windows will remember the size of the window next time you open it

this goes for any window, not just your browser

good luck, hope it helps

  jazzypop 18:45 13 Jun 2003

In case paperman27's suggestions don't 'stick', i.e. the window size is not remembered next time you reboot...

Follow his instructions to resize the window, hold the Ctrl key down while you click the X in the top right corner (to close the window). Next time you open the window, it should definitely remember it's previous size.

  1x11456 19:02 13 Jun 2003

thanks to paperman27 and jazzypop. that seems to have done the trick. thank you.glenn

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