Resize a picture to 30k

  Graham. 16:31 24 Mar 2010

I sometimes have to submit a picture not exceeding 30k. I have tried Irfanview but it doesn't appear to go that far down.

I'm on Vista, so I've tried Image Resizer Clone, same result.

The only thing that works is XP Image Resizer, I have to move the picture to the laptop to do it.

Anything else to try, please?

  mgmcc 16:36 24 Mar 2010

I've just resized a pic to 2.4k in Irfanview by reducing it to 10% of the original and saving as a jpeg. Make sre you're not saving as a .BMP file after resizing.

  Graham. 16:58 24 Mar 2010

Even at 2% it's 36 kb

  PalaeoBill 17:20 24 Mar 2010

If you have Microsoft Office installed,
Microsoft Office Picture Manager will do the job. It sometimes gets shirty about resizing to a small percentage (just refuses to do it) but you can enter a custom width and height (or just width and let it auto set the height) in pixels and achieve the same result.

  rdave13 17:31 24 Mar 2010

Paint dot net has also got a good resizing tool.

  mooly 17:54 24 Mar 2010

Vistas own "paint" does the job and can resize down to... well certainly under 3k as I have done that often for making custom icons etc.

Once you have used it a few time to get the feel of what "size" a picture should end up it's quick and easy.

  Graham. 18:03 24 Mar 2010

Thanks all, back soon...

  Pineman100 18:07 24 Mar 2010

Have a look at Shrink Pic: click here

It's an automatic picture resizer. You can specify the degree of compression that it applies, within three broad scales. Or you can apply a custom shrinkage to your own spec.

It's a free download.

  woodchip 18:36 24 Mar 2010

Or send it to me, I will resize and send it back

  woodchip 18:38 24 Mar 2010

You could upload it to hear for some one to resize and repost it for you to the here

  Graham. 17:53 25 Mar 2010

Tried all your suggestions, the one that works best for me is XP Image Resizer, so I'll stick with that for now.

Only fair you see the latest one click here

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