Resident Shield still running in AVG

  birdface 21:21 06 Jul 2008

AVG8 and I have the resident shield switched off.But when you go into Components.Resident shield. It tells you resident shield is turned off.But underneath it tells you that the resident shield is running since I switched my computer on.So far over 1 hour and 15 minutes.Anybody have any views on what to do.Not that worried about it.Probably an error of some sort.

  birdface 21:29 06 Jul 2008

Ok.Decided to turn Resident Shield back on.Does not look as though there is any problem with the CPU so will leave it on and see if it runs Ok.

  birdface 21:40 06 Jul 2008

Ok folk.I presume that last big update from AVG has sorted my Resident shield problem out it was using up a lot of my CPU but all is back to normal now.So I have now left it running again.So please ignore this as I will class it as resolved now.Mind you anyone know how to turn off the welcome screen.I am sure that I had it turned off before I re-formated.XP Home.

  birdface 05:33 07 Jul 2008

Just in case anyone else has the Resident Shield turned off.My computer has been acting a bit strange recently and I could never find out what the problem was.I have been running my Security programs thinking that it may have been some sort of nasty that it had picked up,But computer working fine now since I enabled the Resident Shield.So worth a try if you are having problems.

  eedcam 07:45 07 Jul 2008

I've found on occasion when the pc is acting up that when I right click on the avg icon instead of showing open interface/update/exit it says scanning and wont stop

  birdface 10:39 07 Jul 2008

I suppose it all depends if you have got it to run an automatic scan at a certain time or maybe looking for updates.Try Task Manager and see if it is running on there.

  Batch 12:29 07 Jul 2008

I've noticed a number of posts, since release of AVG8, that talk about turning off Resident Shield.

Surely that's the last thing you want to do? My understanding is that Resident Shield is monitoring all your file accesses (opens) and internet related files to make check that they aren't infected. Seems pretty crucial to me.

  eedcam 13:15 07 Jul 2008

Buteman its neither of those the former is disabled and updates aplready done .I dont mean its like scanning when you select scan my pc it just says sxcanning .Pretty sure it fouls up bbciplayer at least on mine

  birdface 13:30 07 Jul 2008

You never had Resident Shield on the 7.5 version so I would imagine it is up to yourself whether you want to use it or not.I am just pointing out that my computer is running a lot better since I enabled it.

  birdface 13:43 07 Jul 2008

Probably nothing to do with here But might be better running your security programs just in case.Can't find anything with sxcanning or sxscanning maybe someone will be able to provide an answer for you.

  provider 2 15:06 07 Jul 2008

It looks like one of those compromises that you must decide for yourself using the settings options. It can`t be a good idea to simply switch off a fundamental part of the AV programme, though:

click here=

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