Resetting PSP7 icons continued

  corc2 11:26 09 Oct 2003

Following my previous post click here, I've tried the solution but when I right-click there is only an option to 'Open' not 'Open with'. I was going to try Tweakui but it gave a message that it would ghange some Norton icons as well. Any more suggestions?

  christmascracker 11:31 09 Oct 2003

Try control panel/folder options/file types at the bottom "open with"

  corc2 11:44 09 Oct 2003

Done it. In Win98 select 'Folder Options' from View menu and change program file are associated with. Thanks again for help - Andrew

  christmascracker 11:47 09 Oct 2003

your welcome

  MAJ 12:27 09 Oct 2003

Now you can see the reason why we ask people to post their operating system when they ask a question, corc2. As you're using Win98 (not stated in your last thread) the Shift key has to be held down when right-clicking the file, to reveal the "Open with" option. I mention this for the benefit of those in the future who might have a similar problem.

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