resets while using.

  Hollybrook 12:11 20 Dec 2003

My computer resets unexpectedly anytime when on the internet or not resulting in lost work and lost downloads. I use XP. Any ideas?

  Big Elf 12:14 20 Dec 2003

Does the Event Viewer in Administrative Tools give any clues? Do you get any error messages?

  Hollybrook 13:15 20 Dec 2003

I get the computer has commited a serious error etc.

  Big Elf 13:29 20 Dec 2003

Is that before or after it restarts? Does the error message contain any codes?

Put the installation CD in the drive and go to start, run and enter sfc /scannow which will ensure that any corrupted windows files are repaired.

  Hollybrook 14:38 20 Dec 2003

tried that but will not accept fsc/scannow.
First time I have seen events viewer so not sure what to look for.
Error always appears after restart.

  Big Elf 14:44 20 Dec 2003

Ensure that there is a space after sfc and before the /scannow

If you get a message on screen saying something like 'Please insert Windows XP Professional....' then click 'Retry' You will probably have to keep clicking retry about 20-30 times before it completes.

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