reset windows 7 laptop help

  staceyridley 07:04 28 Nov 2014

Hi,im sorry for asking this as i realize its been asked many times befor but no answer has helped me. Im giving my acer laptop (windows 7) to my daughter and im wanting to wipe it but ive got no disk or anything. with it just going to my daughter, security isnt an issue as its staying in the same house. im no so tech savvy so dont want to try all the other things iv read on how to do it. just a straight forward simple wipe if thats possible. i have nothing on the laptop that needs keepin (photos etc)

Thanks in advance, from a proper computer newbie.


  SparkyJack 08:45 28 Nov 2014

Reset to factory settings will wipe all data so make sure any you need to keep is saved to external device.

Re store is usually is usually indicated by on screen display at boot up in the Acer welcome screen at bottom left or right indicating to press f10 or11.

This can vary model to model

If not clear 'Google' Acer model /reset

The system's is built in on 'D' drive, no extra discs required

  Ian in Northampton 08:46 28 Nov 2014

When you say you want to "wipe" it - what do you mean? Just delete all your personal files to leave your daughter space for hers? Or something else?

  staceyridley 11:08 28 Nov 2014

Thankyou 'sparkyJack', will try that. much appreciated.

yes 'Ian in Northampton' shes wanting a new laptop for christmas but i feel shes still a bit clumsy for a new one so going to give her mine now as its rarely used. theres nothing of real importance on it. full of crap that my older daughter put on befor she got hers.


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