Reset pc keep my files advice

  Seaplush 20:56 30 Aug 2018

Hi, I recently got my computer back from my ex partner and my windows account has been replaced by an account she has made. The computer has a lot of files on I want to keep (hence the keep my files reset) but I can reinstall everything else. My question is, if I reset the PC but keep my files will it reset the accounts so I can add my account to the computer again? And I think I'm just being paranoid but I'm also worried it will delete pictures/documents so can you reassure me those things will remain on the PC? Thanks for the help guys. Matt

  wee eddie 21:04 30 Aug 2018

Don't even use it till you've got advice. You may unintentionally overwrite the files you want to rescue

  Seaplush 21:06 30 Aug 2018

All I have is the option to use a password or a pin (for her account) and WiFi/accessibility/ power options on bottom right. Can't see any options to switch user or any other accounts unless I'm missing something.

  Seaplush 22:10 30 Aug 2018

No, I don't know the password to the account she has put on there hence why I want to known if resetting it will allow me to add my account again

  wee eddie 22:48 30 Aug 2018

If she has deleted your account you will need to use a Recovery Programme to get them back

  wee eddie 01:18 31 Aug 2018

If you do a clean install, you'll lose all your files

  wee eddie 02:23 31 Aug 2018

None of us have dared to ask but, it is important because they way you deal with it will change.

Is the removal of your Account likely to have been accidental or intentional/malicious?

  Quickbeam 06:56 31 Aug 2018

I'd take it to a PC technician to get the files made safe.

Then I'd get a clean install with a file partition to keep them safe from future drive partition problems and an aditional cloud backup to recover from total failure of loss of PC.

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