Reset Epson Xp760 Ink pad settings

  bluetwo 06:31 04 Apr 2017

My Epson Xp760 Screen has advised me that my ink ad has come to the end of it's service life. I believe there is a lot more life in the pad. How do I:- 1. Reset the pad pezo settings 2. Clen the pad to extend it's life further? Hope you can help, I'm stuck. The printer is only 16 months old and has not been used every day. I don't believe the pad could possibly be full. Thank you.

  bluetwo 09:30 02 May 2017

We Eddie, Your fix programme, unfortunately, does not accept my XP760. I am finding this problem with everything - even Epson! It appears this printer does not exist! I spoke to an IT Resourses "professional" and he said it would cost £59 to fix it! When I said it would be cheaper to buy a new one he said that was the thing to do. I'm Stymied - but not (yet) defeated.

  bluetwo 09:59 02 May 2017

Terry Brown, Thank you. I've ordered it. 'll just ha to wait until ves and hope!.

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