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Reset Epson Xp760 Ink pad settings

  bluetwo 06:31 04 Apr 2017

My Epson Xp760 Screen has advised me that my ink ad has come to the end of it's service life. I believe there is a lot more life in the pad. How do I:- 1. Reset the pad pezo settings 2. Clen the pad to extend it's life further? Hope you can help, I'm stuck. The printer is only 16 months old and has not been used every day. I don't believe the pad could possibly be full. Thank you.

  Peter~24 12:00 04 Apr 2017


I had the same problem five months ago. Please try the link below, but read the whole post so you know what you are letting yourself in for. The video is large and could take quite a while to download and to watch, but it did get my printer working again. My thanks yet again to Lotvic for his advice.

I didn't bother cleaning the inkpad, but it might be best to take precautions against possible ink spillage.

click here


  bluetwo 07:04 05 Apr 2017

Peter~24, Thank you for your post. I haven't looked at the video yet but am most anxious to find out how to get my printer going. Perhaps you can remember how you got yours going? Hopefully. Thank you.

  wee eddie 09:12 05 Apr 2017

This may just help Fix your own Printer

I haven't needed it since I went laser, but it was a godsend when my Canon started playing up

  Peter~24 10:07 05 Apr 2017


As mentioned in my previous post, that I provided a link to, I ran the two programmes that came with the video download. I didn't find a way of getting the programmes without the video.

*Peter. *

  bluetwo 15:23 10 Apr 2017

I'm having considerable difficulty opening the programme. I get a lot of files but no video. How do I get the video? Thanks in anticipation.

  Peter~24 01:12 16 Apr 2017


If the file you downloaded is as indicated in my "click here" link that I provided, you should have a ZIP file about 3 GB in size. The ZIP file will contain a file named Instuctions.mp4 just over 3 GB in size and also several other files one of which is AdjProg.exe and another Ativador.exe which is in the "Ativador do Reset" folder.

You will need to view the video an go to about 25 min in, through to the end of the video, to find the instructions on how to run the two programmes.

Watch the video carefully to see how to reset the printer inkpad counters.

I hope this helps, Peter.

  bluetwo 07:24 02 May 2017

Peter~24, Thank you for your help, but the programme has XP printers, but not my XP760. Any ideas?

  Terry Brown 08:53 02 May 2017

I don't printer (use Canon at present, but this seem s to be a common problem.

looked at Ebay and found this device which may help.

href here


  Peter~24 09:03 02 May 2017


  Peter~24 09:13 02 May 2017


When I used this programme to reset my printer, my Epson XP-750 was shown on the list. If your printer isn't shown all I can suggest is to try the XP-750 instead, you don't have much to lose.

Regards, Peter.

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