Reset Button Jammed - causing PC not to Start

  fargo208a 13:16 21 Jan 2010

Hi Everyone,

I need some advice on the following:

When I first bought all the parts for my own PC and built it up,I could not get the system to start up.All I got was CPU started up and then a blank screen and a sytem beep that then continued every few seconds,I tried everything I knew to get the system running - to no avail.

I returned it to the supplier who told me that the reset button was jammed in and thus the PC was going through POST then beeping once to say everything was o.k. but the reset button then forced the system to try and start again causing the same outcome and therefore continuous beeping and a blank screen.They replaced the reset switch saying it was a common problem with that make of CPU case.Since then the PC has worked fine until recently and now I have the same problem again.

Rather than sending it back to have the reset switch replaced I removed the leads from this switch to the motherboard, hoping to disable the switch.However I still get the same problem, now if the switch needs to be closed can I not just put a jumper over the two pins on the motherboard to fool the system into thinking that the reset switch is ok. and thus bypass the reset switch,or could doing this in any way cause me to do damage to the motherboard?

  OTT_B 13:24 21 Jan 2010

Yes, you can, but it will be a fiddly job.

If your switch allows it, take the leads off from the back of the switch (leaving them pluggen into the motherboard) and touch them together when a reset id required. Make sure they can't accidentally touch during normal use.

  karmgord 21:51 21 Jan 2010

if it's the RESET switch the it should work if you disconnect it at the motherboard,If it's the POWER ON switch then it won't work by disconnecting.
IF It's the POWER ON switch stuck in, you can use the RESET switch connected to the POWER ON pins on the mainboard leaving the wires from the POWER switch disconnected.
Both the power & reset switches are just switches so you can use the working one as the power on & leave the rest disconnected.

  keef66 10:08 22 Jan 2010

@ karmgord

That's exactly what I did when trying to diagnose what I thought was a power switch fault. In my case it made no difference; the fault was with the motherboard. Replacement of the board confirmed that both switches work perfectly!

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