Reset button issue

  User-FCAB1FAF-5F56-42E6-A2FC5454DEE486F8 17:09 23 Jan 2010

I have a strange one when I press reset pc goes off like aas if i shut down pc...

I just done a clean install of pc with win 7 (64bit)

I cant find any settings re buttons on case yet I knew how to in XP and Vista lol...

Plus why would it change I not even touch any settings only over clock pc. Which works fine.



Why do we use pc`s lol they stress us and I hate Windows all the versions well they ever get it right ( see my other thread messenger wont install lol

  OTT_B 17:15 23 Jan 2010

The reset button is hard wired to your motherboard. There are no sofware settings for it as far as i'm aware.

Does your power button reboot the PC?

  Pineman100 17:18 23 Jan 2010

I haven't got Windows 7 yet, but I dare say that if you go to Power Options, in the Control Panel, you'll find a section headed: "Choose what the power button does". That determines what the PC does when you press the power button. Change it to your preferred option.

  OTT_B 17:46 23 Jan 2010

That should only affect the power button, not the reset. I'm thinking their crosswired on the motherboard, but it's only a guess.

  Pineman100 18:54 24 Jan 2010

Yes, OTT_B, you're right. I didn't read the OP properly!


  DieSse 23:18 24 Jan 2010

"I hate Windows all the versions"

Why use it then - try Linux (it's free!). Linux Mint is very good indeed.

  User-312386 23:37 24 Jan 2010

I dont think you can "cross wires" on a reset, its DC current, either it will work or it wont work!

Go into the BIOS and check to see what the settings are when you hit the reset button!

  OTT_B 23:45 24 Jan 2010

I mean I think he's swapped the main switch for the reset switch connections

Thank you for your replies

power and reset buttons pc goes off lol..

I checked wires as above there are correct as to motherbord book..

I look for power options..

Once again thank you

I found power options

There is only 2 options.

What power button does

and sleep mode thing.

Nothing re reset.

  OTT_B 18:36 25 Jan 2010

What make & model of case and motherboard do you have?

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