Reset button on BT fusion hub?

  puma22 07:35 23 Apr 2007

I got this BT hub last year and I stupidly tried to change the log in password. Thought I had done it carefully, but not carefully enough as it won't accpet the new password.
BT suggest resetting the hub but cannot tell me where the reset button is. I can't find it either.
Does anyone know where it is?


  €dstowe 07:42 23 Apr 2007

If it's the BT Home Hub then the only thing that could be a reset is at the back on the right towards the bottom labelled "Wireless Association".

  puma22 07:54 23 Apr 2007

Thanks for the quick response. But it is'nt the new white box. I got it about a year ago and it is black and silver. I think it is manufactured by Inventel. I have tried their website but could'nt find the information.

Thanks anyhow.

  €dstowe 07:59 23 Apr 2007

In that case, then, is there a small hole anywhere - like there is on CD ROMs - where you could push a paper clip?

  puma22 09:10 23 Apr 2007

I've looked and looked but can't find anything.
On the side there are two buttons labeled 1 & 2. I can find information about button 1 in the instruction book; it allows a connection to be established with a new bit of equipment. There is no ref. to button 2. I have tried both of these and no luck. I've also tried unpugging it.
I am assuming that there MUST be a way to reset it.

  Graham. 09:43 23 Apr 2007

Push and hold the Wireless Association button (on the back panel) for 15 seconds, until all the lights light up - then release it.

The reset process may then take several minutes.

The Hub is reset and ready for use when the Broadband and Internet lights are steady green.

Extracted from:

click here

  puma22 15:57 23 Apr 2007

Thanks Graham, but I havn't got the white hub, but an older black version.
thanks anyway.

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