reselling xp

  EJgull 15:50 27 Mar 2003

I have xp and dont really like it so I intend to go back to windows 98. My question is can I sell my xp disk or does the activation thing stop me from doing this?

  A15 16:57 27 Mar 2003

I would think the best people to ask would be Microsoft. They will soon tell you if there is something in that the infamous EULA that prevents you from reselling.

  woody 17:43 27 Mar 2003

It will look better if you remove it and then ask MS if you can sell it.At this moment in time you definitely can not sell it as you are still using it.

  Djohn 17:51 27 Mar 2003

Not sure on this one, seem to remember from somewhere that you can sell it on, but only with the PC it's installed on.

M/S will tell you, or FE when he comes on, he has a good grasp of the complicated regs. J.

  « Ravin » 17:52 27 Mar 2003

you can sell it but you'll be required to reactivate it on the new comp. you may have to call up microsoft to do so and you'll have to convince them that you've removed it from the older pc before installing it on the new pc. otherwise they will ask you to buy a new licence which is the same as buying a new copy of win xp.

  Forum Editor 18:19 27 Mar 2003

you must of course remove it from your computer. The new owner will then have the task of explaining the situation to Microsoft when he/she installs and tries to activate it on a completely different machine.

Quite honestly I am surprised that you would want to revert to Windows 98 anyway. Windows XP is superior in so many ways, and Win98 is nearing the end of its product life cycle. It will obviously still work just as well, but as time goes on there'll be no drivers for new devices, and less compatibility with new software releases.

  EJgull 18:20 27 Mar 2003

It seems crazy to me that I might not be able to sell something that I no longer want to use.
i will keep the thread open for a while longer in case any one knows for sure.

  EJgull 18:25 27 Mar 2003

thanks for all your replies.

I have had nothing but problems with xp since the day i installed it, much more than i ever got with 98.

Even after formatting my hd and doing a fresh install it started to crash imediately. It constantly comes up with a message saying that it was unable to access the registry and has to use an previous copy, or words to that effect. It is always having to recover from serious errors.

Just getting fed up with it all.

  mikeyb59 18:27 27 Mar 2003

About a year ago I bought a copy of XP Pro from someone who had tried it and didn't like it (!).

I had to phone Microsoft and give them the details (including the first owner), they then gave me an activation code without any problem.

As I said this is for XP Pro, not sure if the same applies to XP HE.

Hope this is of some help.

  Djohn 18:59 27 Mar 2003

I agree with FE on this, I installed XP Pro. a few weeks back, and it is a terrific O/S.

For me it is far nicer and more friendly than 98se, and I have not had a single problem at all.

But saying that, I had 98se for two years, and never had a blue screen/illegal operation, or crash of any kind. I would think this leads to the combination of hardware/software that you have on your PC.

If there is a clash anywhere at all in the software/Hardware area, then I think any O/S will give problems. Unfortunately the O/S is usually the first thing to carry the blame, but honestly, if you are having problems with one O/S, then a change to another one will rarely cure the problem. J.

  Coaster3 19:12 27 Mar 2003

Take XP off your machine. Keep the CD for 90 days, then sell it. You'll have no problems with re-activation.

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