Researching an MP3/4 Player

  chestnutcake 20:47 03 Jan 2010

Hope I am not gpomg tp be chastised for being in the wrong Forum but PCAdvisor has been such a great help in the past, thought I would take a chance and ask for help.
I am thinking of buying an MP3 and have spent quite a few days researching all the possible places to try to come to a decision. I know many people are very happy with Apple's iPod Touch and indeed, this does look very appealing. However,one posting today on the Amazon site really surprised me. It was stated that "It is not possible to simply copy files, music and photos to the ipod without using iTunes " Now, I am quite amenable to purchasing tracks but I have about 40 CD's and I wish to transfer certain tracks off these to an MP 3. I do not want to have to go to iTunes and purchase these tracks to put on the MP3. To add to my confusion, other posters on the same site make the following statements
"He was able to transfer all his oldies on to this small handy device and free up space in the house"
Another entry read " Downloaded music from CD's with ease"
Or " Do not even try to connect it without installing iTunes on your computer first because it won't even charge"
Last one
"Your CDs are converted easily into the iPOD format and [not so easily] transfer to your iPod with a work of art from the CD that iTunes will get for you"

As I said, I have done a lot of research and I like the look of the iPod Touch but I do have a lot of oldie favourite tracks on CDs that I wish to be able to listen to on the MP3 and I do not wish to be tied to iTunes by having to purchase these. I am very confused by these conflicting posts.
Another strange area was that I had read that Apple would not allow, through it's Safari Browser, for users to connect to BBC iPlayer and what was in another post today?? "The BBC iPlayer works beautifully with the iPod and it's little internal speaker is good enough for most TV programmes"
I am very very confused, hope someone can help - the Apple has ticked most of my boxes but oh dear, not if I cannot drag and drop [ or something like this] tracks from my much loved CDs to the unit.
Sorry if this is in the wrong forum

  jamesd1981 21:17 03 Jan 2010

hey chestnutcake have you not heard all the reports about exploding apple gear iphone and touch, have you considered ARCHOS they are very good.

  100andthirty 22:16 03 Jan 2010

Rest assured you can rip CDs for use on an iPod. iTunes is the software you install on your computer. This allows you to rip and organise your music AND to buy additional music from the Apple iTunes store.

  chestnutcake 09:12 04 Jan 2010

I take your point Jamesd, I do know Archos have some excellent reviews. Thanks as well 100andthirty for your reassurance on the music transfer. Would you know if you are restricted to buying Apple iTunes or could you say buy some tracks from other sellers such as Amazon and install these on the Apple without difficulty?? I am also curious because having read that a silly fault with the iPod is that for some reason you cannot [ if you are ina WiFi zone] access BBC iPlayer with the Safari function, yesterday in a Post it was stated that you could do this. Very confusing. I have thought about the S9 Cowon and the Samsung but the Apple ticks a few more boxes and when you read about the ease which you can drag and drop on these alternatives, it makes me have doubts about the Apple. Good fun doing some research but annoying when you get confused. Since I am not au fait with this technology, it is a learning exercise for me. Thanks again.

  100andthirty 09:54 04 Jan 2010

yes, you can buy tracks from others, not just Apple, but watch out for any copy protection. I don't buy tracks on line so am not up to speed with copy protection, but I think it's more or less stopped. Once you've downloaded the tracks, and saved them in a safe place (and make a back up?), you might import them into iTunes. If you store them in a folder that iTunes watches, this'll happen automatically.

My son has an iPod Touch, and regularly watched iPlayer porgrammes on it. What you can't do is save the programmes on the iPod for watching later.

  chestnutcake 15:14 04 Jan 2010

Grateful thanks again to you 100andthirty - I really appreciate your help. Done my tick box list of all the good MP3's and think that the iPod Touch does just come top. As a brand, I like Samsung but they just don't quite match up.
Best Wishes

  User-312386 18:24 04 Jan 2010

Hi there. I have owned loads of apple products. My wife still has an ipod mini and she still loves it. I have an ipod 30gb and my son has the touch. I cant praise the touch enough! With regards to itunes, what a great interface, to transfer songs from CD, could not be simpler, pop the disc in, an interface pops up and asks if you want to import the disc now, just click yes and thats it, it rips the CD for you. Then just transfer them from the very easy interface. Like i said i cant praise apple enough.

  chestnutcake 20:08 04 Jan 2010

Hi Madboy

Thanks for your re-assurance, such remarks are very much appreciated because I have a lot of favourite tracks on CDs. I have seen some negative reports in particular about the difficulties with the iTunes. However, then I see responses where the solution seems to be that iTunes is in fact a Software programme and it does have so many useful features providing, you take the time to study the instructions - so that seems to be sensible advice. Furthermore, I did see another post where it was stated "my 8 year old has no problems" Yes, obviously hope for me !!!!! Thanks again.

  User-312386 21:28 04 Jan 2010

My youngest whom is three loves the ipod mini, we put some of his disney songs on it and he bobs to I know a little light hearted, but you see my point! I think apple have the market sewn up, there stores are so so helpful and if you have a problem they are always keen to help. I always buy mine in the apple stores, so i can have a look and touch it, if that makes sense!

Go for the touch, you won't regret it, if you order it online with apple you also get free engraving on the back click here Do you have alot of albums etc etc?

I forgot to say, once you load itunes, make an account and then any album art you need is free, as long as the data is stored with apple

  john bunyan 21:50 04 Jan 2010

As a grandparent, I have two iTunes accounts, two libraries, each with their own playlists. My wife and I have one library, and use an iPod Classic with a "Boom Box". My grand daughters have a Touch and a Classic on a different library. All on iTunes. Most itunes are ripped from CD's (set iTunes to import as MP3 - not their M4P setting , in "Preferences") Some are bought from iTunes , and quite a few are free "Radiotracker" recordings (a programme for recording from FM radio in MP3 format. I have alo put our cassettes and vinyl on. (Im in '70's so np excuses!!) You can alo buy fro Amazon etc if you want and simply "add files to the library" in I Tunes. I reccomend you set it to not auto synch in Prefs, Devices .

  chestnutcake 22:04 04 Jan 2010

Hi again Madboy
Thanks again for the useful info - I clicked on the link and was surprised to see that the Apple Stores have Workshops for beginners to learn about the particular product they are interested in. I was hoping there would be an Apple Store near me, say in Chester but no, I would have to go to Liverpool, Manchester or Birmingham but this is something that I will be willing to do - when the weather improves!!!! The free engraving was a surprise too.
I might have about 50 - 60 CDs but I will only be extracting some of the tracks from these. Being an older person, I also have loads of the old fashioned music cassettes. I was toying with the idea of getting an Ion Transfer Unit to extract favorite tracks but have decided against this. I will purchase the tracks from Apple or Amazon instead, it will not work out any more expensive since the Ion is around £45 - £50.
I don't know what you mean when you say "make an account" but this is something that I will learn about in the Workshop, so no problem with that. Then again, I have a 9 year old Grandson who is also thinking of gettint an iTouch so all will then be revealed !!

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