Rescue laptop harddrive files by useing Desktop

  Will 17:17 04 Mar 2004

Time Laptop, 1600+, Windows XP,

I have had a crash on my laptop whilst trying to load XP patches. Windows will not load on the laptop, I am unable to get onto my harddrive without reformating from the disks that came with it. I have presentations and other files I want to try and rescue before doing that so have a plan, can any body advise if you belive it will not work or give me any valuble tips.
It is my intention to take the Harddrive out of the Laptop and connect it to my mates system as a slave (He is XP, my desktop in 98SE). I believe I will have to get an adaptor from maplins to be able to put the laptop hard disk on to a normal IDE cable(anybody know if this is true?) I will then access the laptop hard drive through my mates OS, copy the files required and burn them on to CD. Finally I will re install the XP with the provided disk. Anybody see any major floors in this or know it won't work?

  bremner 17:24 04 Mar 2004

Have you tried simply installing XP over itself.

Put the XP disk in the drive, boot the computer (you will need to ensure the first boot device in the BIOS is the CD/DVD drive) and then select to install the O/S. This will not overwrite your data only XP

  Big Elf 17:27 04 Mar 2004

I can confirm that it is possible to use an IDE adapter cable to connect a laptop hard drive to a desktop system. The cable has a standard IDE connector at one end and the adapter to connect to the laptop drive and power supply at the other. I got my adapter from Dabs about 2-3 years ago and it cost about £12.

Have you tried the repair option with the XP CD?

  Big Elf 17:28 04 Mar 2004

I type (and think) very slowly:0)

  Will 17:31 04 Mar 2004

I have tried this but it says reinstalling will lose all data on the disk! I think this may be a "Time Computers" scam because I have been told today the OS disk provided will only load onto a "time Computers" hard drive. I was going to install the OS onto a new External hard drive and try and access that way good job I didn't waste my money if that is the case.

  Will 17:35 04 Mar 2004

thanks Big Elf, I wish I could get to this repair option that People keep refering to but it just doesn't seem available on the disks supplied. I am comming to the conclusion "Time" have put a certain amount of blocks on us sorting our own problems out.

  TECHNODIMWIT 17:36 04 Mar 2004

click here

zv01b £4.99 same price instore.
only has 1 ide plug, so you will need to fit in place of cd-rom. you may not be able to read the files, but possibly able to copy to another medium

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