Rescue files from old Hard drive

  eljanno 18:03 01 Feb 2012


Could some one tell me if its possible to remove my HD from my old pc and remove my photo's from it. I dont think the HD is damaged my old pc would just go off when it booted up so i dont know what the problem is with it, I just got a new laptop and didnt try to fix it, but now I need my holiday photos from it. Any advice would be appreciated

Thanks Jan

  torver 18:12 01 Feb 2012

Yes you can remove the hard drive and connect it to a new pc. Firstly take out the old drive to find what sort of hard drive it is namely PATA which has two rows of pin connectors or SATA which has no visible pins but an 'L' shaped recess to attach to motherboard. once you have determined which one you have, then you can buy or borrow a housing to fit it in and connect using USB. Just google "external usb caddies"

  Sea Urchin 18:15 01 Feb 2012

Or you could leave the HD as it is, and use a Live CD to access the photo files and save them to external storage - here's a description

What's a Live CD?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:19 01 Feb 2012

Live CD may not work depending on why your machine kept shutting down.

An enclosure like this one will take a sara or IDE drive and allow you to attach to a usb port on yout laptop.

Give us more info on your shutting down problem and when cured, you could just copy to USB stick or CD/DVD disk.

  eljanno 12:11 03 Feb 2012

thanks guys,the hub sounds easy enogh. the hd is not sata its just a normal conection it does however have a sata conection and i have the leads. Regarding the shutting down prob, the pc would boot up fully then switch off.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:40 03 Feb 2012

If shutting down quickly is possibly a

heat problem - blow out all dust and fluff from inside the case

Virus or malware - you may need to boot from a Virus rescue CD an run a scan from that

Driver issue - will it boot into safe mode and stay running?

  eljanno 11:06 04 Feb 2012

Ive not trie safe mode to be honest Icouldnt be bothered with it I just bought a lap top. But now I am remembering stuff thats on it I need holiday photo's for my sons 18th and his CV is on there so i just need to get these off

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