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Resale value

  Pidder 20:05 13 Jul 2004

Someone asked recently about a fair price for selling his present P.C. In the light of the item in the current PCA about the number of PCs to be produced in 2004 are'nt we reaching the stage where you'll have to pay someone to take it off your hands?

  spuds 14:31 14 Jul 2004

If you want to dispose click here click here click here or you could try your local council about disposal.

  Pidder 18:58 14 Jul 2004

Thanks all for your responses. I'm just concerned about the vast amounts of Education money which is being poured into the PC makers' pockets.

  Pidder 18:38 15 Jul 2004

ZEROTOLERANCE I mean the money which ought to be spent on more vital aspects of education, not the latest CPU or flat screen. (From your nickname don't you agree?)

  Pidder 18:57 15 Jul 2004

Dorsai I take your point, but where does it all stop, especially in the light of the article in PCA and earlier posts on this thread.

Better leave it at this.

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