Requirements for Watching Online Videos

  The Potter 22:09 24 Nov 2008

I have a recon computer - and I'm wondering what I need to add to enable me to play (for example)a video on You Tube in full screen and where the sound keeps up with the picture (most notably out of sync when playing tv progs and talking - not music vids). I have no problem getting a full screen and sound but motion is mostly non-existent.

I'm running WIN XP, have BB conncection between 3&4Mbs. Memory is 384mb and speed is 997MHz, Pent 3. I don't think I have a video card which I'm wondering might help?

I know you modern chaps will say up the memory but it works fine for everything else I do so I really would like to know if that is a definate cause of problems and not just you chaps falling over backwards because it is so low!

I would appreciate any thoughts you have other than ditch the pc!LOL

Many thanks,


  Technotiger 22:12 24 Nov 2008

A video (graphics) card would certainly help, as would More RAM. A faster CPU would also be an asset, but I guess you don't want to spend too much, if anything.

  nyleridedog 22:20 24 Nov 2008

you should be able to play you tube on that pc spec you mentioned potter! make sure you have teh lastest version of flash!

Ps. if your computer switches on and you can see windows! then it already has a graphics card!

good luck

  nyleridedog 22:22 24 Nov 2008

lastest version of flash!

click here

also goto start >control panel> system> hardware>device manager and look at your display adapter! then try and get a updated driver for it!


  The Potter 22:29 24 Nov 2008

This is sounding good - THANK YOU! Will check out what you've said and report back; fingers crossed.

  Switcher 22:29 24 Nov 2008

Just because the computer switches on and you can see windows does not mean that you have a graphics card. You might only have onboard video

  Technotiger 22:43 24 Nov 2008

Sorry Pal, that is rubbish!

  The Potter 22:45 24 Nov 2008

Would an added video card help do you think?

  Technotiger 22:45 24 Nov 2008

Ooops, just noticed Switcher's response - got there before me :-))

  Technotiger 22:45 24 Nov 2008


  The Potter 22:53 24 Nov 2008

How do I check which version of Flash I have? I tried dowloading the latest version and a box popped up saying there was an error but the website said it had downloaded sucessfully. I've checked all progs from start and the program files on C but can't see it.

My PC can't find an an update for the display adaptor but I'm sure I updated it when I first had it. It's a (time for a history lesson ....) Intel 82810E (provided by MS), Version

I can do a manual search to find out if it has been updated since but I wouldn't have thought so?

TT - you guessesd right that I had hoped to spend very little but I could stretch to a video card or more ram if it REALLY would make a difference.


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