Require some feedback on our site design.

  dentalsupportuk 20:47 12 Oct 2008


I am just looking for some feedback on our new design concept for our business.

There is still a lot of content to add but would appreciate any feedback as to the layout and overall feel of the site.

Many thanks in advance.


a href="click here">click here /a>

  Forum Editor 00:10 13 Oct 2008

and my immediate impression was a favourable one, I like the clean look, and your graphics.

As you say, there's a lot of content to add, and I urge you to check your text very carefully - spelling 'Don't' as 'Dont' right at the top of your homepage, and again in the green text at the bottom isn't very professional.

Additionally, make sure you add your postal contact details on your contact page, and add a copyright claim at the bottom of all pages on the site.

I'll take a closer look tomorrow.

  DieSse 00:21 13 Oct 2008

My first impressions (apart from the spelling errors!

Your first page lacks a clear statement of what you do

eg We specialise in IT support for dental practices of all shapes and sizes.

Secondly - the erratically scrolling ads on the first page in a poor place on the page, and the odd scrolling up and down seemingly at random is very distracting.

The tabbed menu system is a bit odd - the top tabs seem to change with no rhyme or reason.

Really like the graphics!

  dentalsupportuk 00:29 13 Oct 2008

Hi guys,

Thanks very much for your input, all taken on board, as you have probably guessed im more of a graphics person :)

Ill make some changes over the coming days and make sure to use a spell checker in the future! :)


  Covergirl 12:53 20 Oct 2008

Check out the Comet website click here for example. Click a tab and the tabs stay as they were but the page changes. Their tab rollover submenu is great too.

IMHO, Contact should take you to a new page with contact details and that's where you should put your mailto: hyperlink.

On your Services homepage, you should make the icons and blue words into hyperlinks rather than "Click here to find out more" at the bottom of the short paragraphs.

Lots to think about and do. Hope you get more feedback. Post back when you have made some alterations and we'll have another look.

  sheila.weston 14:27 23 Oct 2008

Yes, nice. The code is set out very neatly. You have probably spotted it, but I think you need a capital letter for 'Support' on the rhs of the Home Page.

I am just wondering --- might it be better to increase the size of the 'dental support' at the top left - and reduce the depth of the banner with the 'don't worry' para. so that it still fits on the opening screen. OR have more about what you do *above* the 'phone call para.


  Covergirl 20:00 23 Oct 2008

That's looking good - nice and consistent and not jumping around or changing size. Good work so far.

  dentalsupportuk 21:12 23 Oct 2008

Thankyou everyone for your input thus far, i am taking on board comments as i guess you can see, thanks for your input Covergirl, lots more to do - its a constant battle :)

I am working on re-inventing the index page - the content on there at the moment is not final mostly just copy paste to fill in the space, however do you think its better than the original index?

click here

Cheers again.


  Kemistri 21:29 23 Oct 2008


The title suffers similarly, because it reads like it is aimed at just the one dentist...

Have you done any keyphrase research yet? Now is a good time, if you're rewriting the landing page.

  dentalsupportuk 21:45 23 Oct 2008

Hi Kemistri, the "Practice's" i thought would suggest numeous dentist's as opposed to one dentist?

Very good point on the keyword/phrase research, any tips on this? I'm not sure where to start...


  Kemistri 22:30 23 Oct 2008

In a perfect world, you would already have carried out quite a lot of keyphrase research before you even picked a domain name, but many people don't start that soon, if at all.

Focus on keyphrases because less than 1/5th of visitors rely on single word searches. Don't focus on optimising for your business name unless it is already well known. Vodafone, for example, would benefit from it but Bob's Plumbing Services would not.

Research your potential customers - what are they using? That is likely to be quite easy for you. Are your competitors using those terms as well or have they missed them? Any that they missed will be particularly valuable to you. Study the competition but don't just rely on copying it. I'm guessing that you don't have a huge amount of competition in a specialist field like yours, and that is very advantageous.

Do your own searches on a frequent basis using a wide variety of popular keywords and see where your site balances out against others. Identify related keywords - those with a similar meaning and a similar likelihood of being used.

Your best sources for keyword results checking after your site has been running for a while are:

- Your server's log files, which show incoming clickthroughs as URLs that contain the keywords that those visitors used.
- Google Analytics. If you don't have an account yet, create one. It's really invaluable.

All in all, your very specific and easily pinned down target market, coupled with the niche field, will help a lot in both the online and offline marketing.

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