Require Simple DOS Memory ID Program

  [DELETED] 18:58 27 Oct 2003

I acquired from the internet a simple and small Memory ID program that ran quickly from a floppy disk and would state the speed of installed DIMM's ie PC66/PC100/PC133, the brand name, size, and date ! made.

I have lost the floppy :-(

Can any one suggest the source of the file.

It was used a lot when testing secondhand memory purchased from computer fairs.

  [DELETED] 20:20 27 Oct 2003

Maybe this one
click here

  [DELETED] 17:16 28 Oct 2003

Thanks, but I have this one, it's A1 for testing memory, (if it denotes an error then I chuck that memory stick in the bin).

The missing program that I need just identifies the type of memory.

I now remember that both of these programs were listed together in a reply to someone elses query - but what was the question?

Thanks again

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