Request-URI Too Large

  LimestoneRock 16:11 04 May 2010

I have been trying to pose a question on a website today in a box provided by the site but I just get the above response on a blank page. I have tried Googling the problem but none of the suggestions resolves the matter and there appears nothing in searches on this Forum. I have tried in both IE8 and Mozilla but still the same page comes up. Any ideas please?

  tullie 16:19 04 May 2010

Whats the question?

  LimestoneRock 16:31 04 May 2010

That has got nothing to do with it but if you want to know, the site is one connected with The Sale of Goods Act 1994. It has solicitors available to answer questions and queries and provides a "box" for your question to be typed in.I type it in then send but get the response/result I have described.

  Technotiger 16:56 04 May 2010

Try using click here this will greatly reduce the size of the URL - used a lot by many in this Helproom.

  LimestoneRock 17:21 04 May 2010

Thanks for the suggestion, Technotiger. I have tried it but it has failed. From what I can make out, the whole content of my question is effectively in the URL and even using Tiny, it has advised that it is restricted to 2000 digits max. Thanks all the same and it is something I can obviously consider with other situations if it crops up again.

  Sea Urchin 17:33 04 May 2010

"the whole content of my question is effectively in the URL"

Not surprised that you are getting the problem - as well as number of bytes the error also comes up if the content of the URL is in the wrong form/format. You should presumably be getting through to the website and then posing your question on the site

click here

  LimestoneRock 18:31 04 May 2010

The system will not allow me to do so but thanks for response.

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