Request timed out pinging own ip address

  [DELETED] 15:58 25 Oct 2003

I'm trying to network two PC's both running XP.
One PC gives the "request timed out" message when I ping it's own IP address (
I do get a reply from the loopback address(
I have tried moving the NIC to a different slot and have also tried a new NIC. The LED on the NIC is on.
I had this problem on a new PC some months ago &
just reloaded XP but would like to avoid that if possible.
Any ideas?
Thank you

  [DELETED] 16:25 25 Oct 2003

I could be wrong !!! but , if you get a response from the local host( then your OK, you ping the number from the remote PC...

Can you do that ?
And can you PING the remote box from your box?

You don't say why your PINGING is there a problem ?

Hope this helps.....
Hmmmm... hampsters..... tasty.....

Kitz E :-)

  recap 16:59 25 Oct 2003

Kitz E Kat is correct that if you ping then it will time out as the IP address of that machine is Ping from and you should get the required response.

  [DELETED] 17:12 25 Oct 2003

Kitz and recap
Sorry I probably didn't explain the problem properly.
I can't get the two PC's to talk to each other.
On one PC I/P address I can ping and get a reply from both it's own I/P address and the loopback address. From the second PC ( I can ping and get a reply from the loopback address but not it's own ( even after changing the NIC etc.
Thank you for your interest any more help much appreciated.

  recap 17:16 25 Oct 2003

As previously stated the IP address of a machine is not the network IP address. Try pinging it will give you 4 packets returned.

If you think there is something wrong with your NIC run a command prompt and type in the following: ipconfig /all

Note the space after ipconfig. This will tell you your NIC Physical address and the machines IP address plus your workgroup name.

  [DELETED] 17:32 25 Oct 2003

I have run ipconfig and the ethernet connection IP address is I should be able to ping that address from the PC and get a reply but I can't as request timed out. The other PC is fine and I get a reply from it's IP address.
The loopback IP address will give you a reply if you ping it even if the NIC isn't present
as long as the protocol is installed ( to the best of my knowledge!).
I thank you again for your interest

  [DELETED] 17:56 25 Oct 2003

The bottom line is can you PING from box A to box B and visa versa, if so then you don't have a IP problem , never mind the PINGING the box itslf.

I read your reply and sorry i am still a bit confused , can do this or not??

Its kinda important to know this!!!

Kitz E

  [DELETED] 18:23 25 Oct 2003

No I can't ping from box A to box B.

  [DELETED] 18:57 25 Oct 2003

OK , now we're in business!!!!!

Can you ping from box B to box A ?

You CAN PING on both box's ? Yeah ?

The easy stuff first!!!!

Both computers belong to the same WORKGROUP?
Both computers have the same subnet mask ?
How are you connecting them ? Are you using a hub or a crossover cable?

Kitz E

  [DELETED] 19:09 27 Oct 2003

Kitz E
Sorry not to have replied to you, been unable to access pcadvisor website all weekend.

In answer to your questions.
No I can't ping either box from the other.
I can ping on both boxes.
Yes same workgroup and subnet.
Connected Via crossover cable.
Led's on on both NIC's.

It's been suggested to me to remove networking
components and then reinstall them.
I refer also to my initial posting on saturday because if I can't "ping" the IP address of a pc from that pc then no-one else is going to be able
to via a network.

Thanks again for your help

  [DELETED] 19:25 27 Oct 2003

In Windows XP, the TCP/IP stack is considered a 1. Does ipconfig /all show the physical (mac) address? if not then the problem is with the nic, may also be worth swapping some of your PCI cards around, sometimes helps.

2. If the card is ok but you can't ping it then the problem is most probably with TCP/IP.

You can't uninstall TCP/IP in Windows XP. There is however a reset command which rewrites registry keys that are used by the TCP/IP stack to achieve the same result.

Run " netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt " from a command prompt.

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