"Request to connect to Internet" window...

  [email protected] 13:06 24 Jun 2004

Operating system is XP Home.
This window is starting to really annoy me! I have tried the anti dialler program, my own virus scan, disabled "grant access to internet" to everything in my Firewall, run "eclean" which I found out about this morning when about to post this thread, and in depth system check; still its here like an itch you can't scratch (or a pain somewhere else...). Help Please...
The problem: I am working (or flying my sim) when everything stops and up comes this window telling me "The webpage you requested is not available offline". OK, like this it's a random event and nothing more than an ever increasing nuisance. In my search for a solution I have now found I can activate this "unknown" whatever it is by going to: My PC\Local Disc(C)\Documents and Settings. In this folder are x3 others = All Users, Default User, and me as current user. If I click on the first 2 they open as normal however every time I click on my user folder, it opens as normal together with the following window: "Feature unavailable while offline. Your request cannot be completed because you are working offline. To go online and complete the request click Connect. To cancel the request. click Stay Offline". Arrggghhh. Inside my user folder there are Cookies and Favourites folders. I have temporarily deleted the contents of both but the problem remains. Could there be something else in one of the other folders wanting access - and what for? Any help/advice would be welcome.
Thanks in advance.
PS Against my better judgement I did click Connect once just to see what happened. Nothing obvious happened!

  Diodorus Siculus 18:50 24 Jun 2004

HAve you done a spyware check? SpyBot search and Destroy, Adaware are two good programs to get you started.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:51 24 Jun 2004

HAve you done a spyware check? SpyBot search and Destroy, Adaware are two good programs to get you started.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:56 24 Jun 2004

Anti Spyware :-
Spywareblaster click here
Adaware click here
Spybot S&D click here
a2 click here
CW Shredder click here

Spyware trying to send something out run adaware and spybot or could be a program searching for an update.

  end 19:06 24 Jun 2004

would ask if you have "recently" installed any programs that have "thingis" that want to say "hello" to their "mother site" ( I have that happening on mine just now ( win 98 se; I get my dial up box every tiem now); hopefully mine will vanish once my legal thing is ended and I can them remove the program that wants TO say "hello" to its parent.......you may not be dealing with a virus but a very persistent program "phoning home"......( or TRYING to !!!)

  [email protected] 20:47 24 Jun 2004

hmmm. I have run Spybot and AdAware etc. The only thing I have done recently is gone to MS Office for updates and installed some "security" things! Maybe its this that wants to update itself every few minutes but having blocked all access to the net via my firewall, I am dismayed to realise my firewall is not telling who (or what) is trying to access the internet. Thanks for reading and trying to help.

  end 21:40 24 Jun 2004

its POSSIBLE.....i THINK I ve seen a posting somewhere with this problem in it....so it COULD be......unless someone proves me wrong.......

  [email protected] 10:50 25 Jun 2004

Sorted! I locked down everything in my firewall which had access to the net, re-ran complete checkdisc (which may or may not have made any difference). Flashed up this morning, no window. Tried to go online and of course not much happened with all the .exe apps disabled! Enabled the obvious ones one at a time with check for this #'[]#y window, nothing. Then finally, checking for the window up came a different window asking me to sign in automatically to Microsoft .net thingy. Did that and no more windows, so somehow the auto sign-in had become disabled and without knowing what was asking for connection I couldnt re-enable it.
This closing thread response is for info only. Thanks to anyone who tried to help.

  end 21:41 25 Jun 2004

nice when "something works" aint it......

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