Request for a cable for Local Area Connection.

  bernvs 12:06 28 Nov 2014

On the "Vista" Laptop I am trying to wireless connect to the internet. I have two other computers successfully operating with the wireless system (and not physically plugged in) but this laptop is giving the following message "A cable is not plugged into the Network Adapter -Loca, area Connection". What does this mean? and why is it not just working wirelessly. I enter the correct BT Name and Password. I'm using a BT Hub 3.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:17 28 Nov 2014

"A cable is not plugged into the Network Adapter -Local, area Connection".

Means exactly what it says a Network cable is not plugged it o the router from the PC and the PC cannot find the network.

I suggest you look in device manage and check that the wireless card is not showing any Exclamation marks againsta it and the driver is working correctly..

I so the is the wireless card switched on ? some laptops have a key combination to sitwch it on Fn + one of the F keys is common others have a small switch front or side of the laptop.

  HondaMan 13:56 28 Nov 2014

Get the lappy to search for wireless networks. If it has wireless enabled it will find your network

  bernvs 16:30 28 Nov 2014

Thanks. Further to the above I checked the BT video and find that my Laptop is not displaying the option to connect by wireless, just two other options which I have tried but they were not for me.

  alanrwood 16:48 28 Nov 2014

Then your Wireless system is not working. ie it is disabled or faulty. There is usually a keyboard combination for the laptop that disables Wireless access. Check your instruction book and try it. Also check Device Manager as suggested above.

  bernvs 16:02 29 Nov 2014

Thanks to all but to no avail. I Will have to try to find out how get a copy of Vista Home Premium to use with my key. Meanwhile would a usb wi-fi dongle help me get on to the internet?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:30 29 Nov 2014

Make and model? of laptop

yes a usb wireless dongle should work.

  bernvs 19:52 29 Nov 2014

Fruit Bat. Thanks.
Laptop is a Medion MD98300, Model No: WAM 2040 Notebook PC. Is this OK?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:22 30 Nov 2014

try FN + F1 to switch on the wireless card.

  bernvs 22:22 30 Nov 2014

No That didn't work either Thanks for your help. Will go down the dongle route first and if that doesn't work its off to the menders!

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