Req.Help needed with sharing software....

  User-04B10BC8-186B-449C-9B4AC9BC3E5EC0C2 15:04 13 Nov 2005

Hi can you help me please,my problem is this,i have a disability so i have 2 computers ( that has made everything just wonderful for me...) 1 in an upstairs room....and 1 downstairs in the dining kind son inlaw has connected the 2 computers to-gether for me,as a home network.. ( to help me so i can use the one upstairs when i am having a bad day ) I have XP home which i have loved untill now...well it seems that i can not have it installed on 2 computers,so i ask this.....Is this normal practice with all software,or can someone help me with what advice to take,on how i can install the same os..on both windows 2000 for instance....i just cant aford another XP at 180 Pounds a time...
The Boss...............

  MichelleC 16:09 13 Nov 2005

You can have w2k installed on several pc\s. I have an upgrade from 98 version and it just asks to insert the 98 disc for verification whenever I need to install it.

Thank you were very helpfull,apparantly this is the way MS are having to go...due to pirate copying......Someone suggested shopping around for a better price,for XP.....fingers crossed..
Thank You again


  Carbonara 11:32 15 Nov 2005

Am I mistaken or was it not possible to install XP on one machine plus a Laptop (providing only one machine was in use at any one time)? Surely if this is the case then theboss could use this solution (treating one of the machines as a laptop) and only using one machine at a time?

  smudge101 12:32 15 Nov 2005

Microsoft operating systems are generally speaking licenced for use on one machine only.
However do not limit yourself by thinking that ther are the only source of operating systems.
Linux has come a long way in the last few years and there are a few that are at least as easy to install and use as any of the MS products. Most are also free, so no licencing worries.
One that I would suggest looking at is Xandros open circulation edition which is capable of doing anything you need to do apart from running microsoft Access databases (no great loss there!).
Here is a link to the Xandros site click here you can download the operating system so you don't even have to go out of the house.

  PaulB2005 13:48 15 Nov 2005

"Surely if this is the case then theboss could use this solution (treating one of the machines as a laptop) and only using one machine at a time?"

You can't "treat" a PC as a laptop. Legally it's either a laptop or it's not. Besides it only applies to MS Office and not Windows XP.

  DieSse 14:13 15 Nov 2005

Yes - It's one OS per system with Microsoft - even if technically you can put Win"K on multiple systems, the licence terms do not permit it.

Linux is different. Linspite can be put onto as many systems as you want within a household.

Xandros even has a free download version (as above). You'll find Linspire a tad more completet than the free version of Xandros.

Most of the modern Linux versions are similar, and just as easy to use, as Windows. And MUCH less expensive.

  Carbonara 20:37 15 Nov 2005

Thanks for your reply, nice to see that Political Correctness is alive and well.

Hi thank to everyone helping me......It has been suggested to me....that I can re-install my os of W98,on my second computer,buy Win XP upgrade and the 2 computers would be compatable for my home network.....It sounds a great idea.( upgrade os only being half the price)...But i really do need reassurance that it will work,before taking that road......
Joy\the boss

  DieSse 14:10 16 Nov 2005

"But i really do need reassurance that it will work,before taking that road"

Yes that will work fine. You don't even need to have Win98 installed - the WinXP upgrade will simply ask you to put in the Win98 CD to verify it, during the installation.

Thanks DieSse for the reassurance....At last the solution.....I shall be back if i have any more problems,i can't handle..
Thank you so very much

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