Reporting to the site Webmaster ?

  spuds 10:40 09 Sep 2013

Things seem a little quiet again on the site, so I thought that I would ask a question out of interest and curiosity.

What normally happens when an error report appears and an automatic email response is sent to the Webmaster. Who is the Webmaster, the people running the site, or the people providing the connecting facilities?.

Recently I wanted to obtain information about a previously acceptable long term password that had for some reason had now become unacceptable. Going through the required procedures brought no response, but going through a direct email did get a slow result?.

  Muergo 11:36 09 Sep 2013

Well, you certainly are lucky, because my e-mail to Webmaster met with no reply.

I'm still having trouble with the PCAd site whether I use Firefox or I. E.

The screen is unstable, keeps asking for me to log in after I've already logged in, and occasionally throws up the BSOD.

This does not happen for any other site without exception.

  spuds 12:12 09 Sep 2013

Muergo - thanks for the response, but I was directing the question more as a curiosity. I know this happens to the PCA website, but I was wondering about the 'inner workings' when this problem occurs in general internationally.

In the particular password case I mentioned, the replier to my direct email had to 'reset' my password twice, before it was accepted, but I had to prompt 'the webmaster' (whoever that was) both times, before this was done?.

  Batch 12:13 09 Sep 2013

Not sure if you are referring to the webmaster for the PCA site or as a more generic question about webmasters in general.

In any event, a webmaster is just a common term for the person(s) responsible for maintaining / managing / running the site (not "the people providing the connecting facilities").

Who it ultimately goes to depends on the site concerned as to how they've set things up at their end.

I've often tried contacting the relevent persons using the style [email protected] with some success.

  spuds 13:25 09 Sep 2013

Batch- thanks for the response, your last paragraph seems to provide the answer.

My original curiosity was who the actual webmaster was, one person with responsibilities or many,depending on the website, and considering the delays of response I had in the question I raised regarding password renewal/reset or correction. Going through the websites link got no response, but doing a direct 'contact us' email did?.

In the case of PCA, I notice that there are 3 instant views on posting, and wondered whether these were the Webmaster?.

Will tick this as resolved.

  Muergo 13:32 09 Sep 2013

I'll try that approach, but getting so fed up with it I've stopped logging in to the site as you may or may not have seen I ain't logged much on Tech site until today and that has been fraught.

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