reported HDD space query.

  [DELETED] 02:40 14 Nov 2003

hi, i have 19 gig drive using winxp pro. if i click on the HDD icon in my computer. it says i have 6.25 gig of space left on a 19 gig drive. however, if i tot up the size of all the folders individually , program files, windows, documents and settings etc. it oly ads up to 8 or 9 gig at the very most. am i missing something, or is something wrong?

  [DELETED] 03:34 14 Nov 2003

There are hidden files and folders that you have not seen.

Windows by default reserves 10% of the hard disk space for the recycled bin, represented by the C:\Recycler folder.

System Restore also reserves 10-12% (I think) for the C:\_Restore folder.

Then there's the virtual memory, the minimum set at 1.5 times your RAM memory, maximum 3 times, represented by the file C:\pagefile.sys

There are other boot or system files in the C root directory, but they are very smalll in size.

They may still not add up to the expected figure, but you can never quite work out exactly how Windows does the calculation, and whether the reserved space (rather than actual space used) is taken into account.

At least the Recycler, _Restore, and pagefile.sys files and folders will account for some of the apparently missing space.

To see the hidden files, in My Computer, click Tools, Folder Options, View tab, tick Show hidden files and folder, and untick Hide protected operating system files, and click OK.

  xania 08:58 14 Nov 2003

ALso bear in mind that your HDD will lose some space to formatting - and that the hard disk measures a GB as 1,000,000 * 1,000 bites rather than 1,000,000 * 1,024.

Finally, every file you have wastes space - the amount left between the end of the file and the end of the sector. Because you can only have so many sectors on a drive, the larger the drive, the larger the sector, the larger the amount of wasted space. See whether you can partition your HDD into more drives - you could save quite a lot of space.

  [DELETED] 09:18 14 Nov 2003

Have you got any avi or video files? in windows movie maker?

  [DELETED] 12:13 14 Nov 2003

hi all, and thanks, but i am told i have 13.7 used and 6.7 free. all files as mentioned before only come to approx 8.20 gig. i find it hard to believe that i have around 7gig of hidden files. that is a hell of a lot of hidden files, dont you think?

  [DELETED] 12:23 14 Nov 2003

the drive has actually been formatted recently, few weeks ago, and only a few select programs have been installed, ms office xp , games, photoshop, stuff like that.. very little or no junk, for all intensive purposes, the drive is clean, i hope.

  [DELETED] 15:10 14 Nov 2003

Try this. go to the PCA Download page and scroll down to Utilities, File Management and on page 2 download PowerDesk v5. I use this all the time now and it gives a better idea of HDD space. It also shows all hidden files as default.

  [DELETED] 15:14 14 Nov 2003

PS. This may be the link click here

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