Reply's to mails i send going to spam!

  gazmix 15:03 24 May 2011


If i send an email from my Orange webmail or Outlook express that has the same address, or fill in an online form & click 'submit', the reply i get goes into spam! & obviously i don't get the reply..

If i email myself via my mail program, it goes straight to Spam folder. If i click on 'mark not as spam', it moves the mail that time, but any next mail will arrive back in spam.

Can anyone help?


  gazmix 16:12 24 May 2011

This also happens in my hotmail account! I'm not getting replies to my inbox, it's all going to junk along with the viagra crap!

  lotvic 18:02 24 May 2011

"If i email myself via my mail program, it goes straight to Spam folder"

sounds as though your email address (do you only have one?) has been blacklisted by ISP as a spammer.

To test, make a new hotmail email address and see if you can send and receive from that.

  gazmix 18:58 24 May 2011

I have my address that goes to my mail program & Orange webmail & also a hotmail account! I was waiting for an email in my hotmail account & it was sent days ago & was in junk folder!

It mainly happens if i email myself from Orange webmail as opposed from my mail program. As with all my pc issues, complicated!! :-/

  gazmix 19:12 24 May 2011

The one of main note was an email that i filled in on their webpage that had 'submit' at the bottom, where you put in contact details etc!

The other had 'spam' in the title as i didn't shift that word when it was 1st put in the spam folder!

I'll do that & report back! but the important one was sent via the websites page!

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