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  Drpeter 18:26 27 Nov 2003

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Subject: Outlook Express 6 problem
From: "Peter" [email protected]> Sent: 11/27/2003 8:44:22 AM
My OS is Windows 98SE. My e-mail program is Outlook Express 6.0.2800.1106

When sending a reply to an e-mail, The "FROM" address enters automatically, BUT it is never my default address account!
I have four accounts, but the one the program chooses is not the first account I entered, originally, nor the last.
Does anyone know how I can force it to use my default account address? Many thanks.

  beeuuem 18:48 27 Nov 2003

Because you are 'Replying' the outgoing mail will be sent from the account on which the incoming mail was received. If your return message was to be sent from your default account, unless that was the receiving account, it isn't really a reply.
So, I don't think it is possible to do what you want.
The usual proviso applies that someone else may know better than me.

  Drpeter 18:57 27 Nov 2003

I must not have made my query clear - the mail received IS to my default account address, but the reply "FROM" is always from another address!

  beeuuem 19:21 27 Nov 2003

Checked on my accounts and the reply is always sent from the receiving account. Sorry that I am unable to help.

  Drpeter 22:49 27 Nov 2003

Just to clarify further - my accounts addresses start DO..., DR..., K... and the default is P... yet the reply is always sent from K... - so it is not even the first alphabetical account address which is used!

  llbgeezer 22:55 27 Nov 2003

wouldnt it be simpler to allow K... to collect all the mail and then reply?
I believe there are freeware programs and add-ons that can do this for you though im not a user of them and therefore havent a link to give you

  Drpeter 23:09 27 Nov 2003

The explanation has been given to me:-
"Replies and Forwards use the same account that the original message was downloaded via.

If all the OE accounts are using the same server POP3 account (same values in Tools,
Accounts, Mail, Properties, Servers), then the messages are not downloading via the
account that you think they are.

In View, Columns you can add the account name to see which account has downloaded the

In fact, most of the messages do arrive in K... due to a past error in my having sent from K...!

Many thanks to everyone!!

  DieSse 23:26 27 Nov 2003

As beeuuem said.

  beeuuem 23:29 27 Nov 2003

Glad that you have found the answer to your query.
As an aside, I use message rules to create seperate inboxes for each account.

  llbgeezer 23:31 27 Nov 2003

oh if only i was so organised! ;)

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