Reply to post in Twitter

  thumbscrew 19:06 02 Apr 2014

Can anyone tell me if you receive an email informing you that you have a Twitter response?

  thumbscrew 21:38 02 Apr 2014

Here's the thing Mr Mistoffelees, I didn't know that Northumbria had answered my previous thread, because for some unknown (To me) reason I don't receive emails any more from PCA informing me that there has been a reply. Thus generating my next query and maybe you can help....why have the aforesaid emails stopped?

  lotvic 22:37 02 Apr 2014

"why have the aforesaid emails stopped"

the email notifications have always been a bit 'hit and miss' unreliable.

It's very easy to check for replies on your Threads. When logged-in Click on 'My Posts' link that is at the top right of webpage.

  thumbscrew 22:40 02 Apr 2014

Cheers lotvic, hilariously yours came through.

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