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  slowhand_1000 13:33 05 Nov 2003

I can't put a reply to my original post 'Forms question'.

Thanks for that harristweed.

It seems that my host does support CGI/PHP and offers it as an extra - along with everything else it seems. But they will only offer this extra for a minimum of 2 years. Seeing as I have about 10 months left on my current contract they want me to sign up for another year. I think I will leave it a while and when I get nearer the expiry date I will look at what other ISP's have to offer.

I will file the link away for future use.



  harristweed 08:34 06 Nov 2003

If your host doesn't support CGI which is essential, i'd change now.

I have used super names .co .uk and found them better than I would expect for the very modest 14 pounds a year they charge.
pop3 (Only one account but catch all)
Limited control panel

If you need help now, or in the future with PHP or Formmail, email me or post here.

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