Reply-to address wrongly entered-how do I correct?

  leslito 22:41 11 Jun 2003

I recently discovered that my "return to" address in Outlook Express is incorrect and so people who reply using the button get their messages bounced back at them. I searched the computer and eventually found a file, USER.DAT, which contained the mistakes. I used Wordpad to edit the file and had a bad hour or two when my computer seemed to regress a couple of years and I had to dig out/download various driver files. I had copied the USER.DAT file and restored it, but at start up the computer still looks for various files from Norton Anti-Virus which I don't use any more and I have to press the good old any key to get things to load.
So: is there any way of editing the "return to" address? What can I do about the problems re the computer expecting to find files which are no longer there?

  jazzypop 22:56 11 Jun 2003

Go to Tools > Accounts

Select the Mail tab, and click Properties

Near the bottom of the window, click in the "Reply Address" box and enter your e-mail address ([email protected])

Select Apply and then OK

  beeuuem 22:56 11 Jun 2003

In OE go to 'Tools'> 'Accounts' select the account you want to change. Click on Properties and at the bottom of the 'General' page you can change the reply address.

  beeuuem 22:57 11 Jun 2003

A dead heat!

  leslito 06:55 12 Jun 2003

Embarrassingly obvious, now that you have pointed it out!
Any takers on part two?
The win.ini or system registry files give the computer instructions to look for a few files related to Norton AntiVirus, which I no longer use, and wait until I press a key before going ahead with start up. Do I dare start fiddling here?

  Valvegrid 07:20 12 Jun 2003

For starters, go to Start>Run and type msconfig in the box. When the window opens click the start tab and untick any program that you know you don't have anymore, but don't touch Systray or Explorer. Here a couple of programs that will help with the registry, the first one you will have to cut and paste removing the space after the http://


click here

click here

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