Replicate Hard Drive & reload on higher capacity

  objective 12:21 22 Jan 2010

Hi All
Wonder if you can help. This laptop of mine continues to serve me well - with many excellent programs on its 40Mb disk. But its hard drive is now full, and although I'm managing with an offboard 120Mb 2.5" drive for my data via a USB I'd really like to just swop them around.
I actually have two 2.5" drives which I use to back up my data files.
What I'd like to do is install one of the 120Mb drives internally, with a complete image of the 40Mb drive on it. I understand that it would need to be bootable, so hidden files and stuff will need to be replicated too.
Would anyone recommend one of the software packages that can do this. I'm nervous about self selecting, just afraid of downloading malware really.
Any tips and tricks, would be very much appreciated.
Many thanks in anticipation

  Pineman100 12:31 22 Jan 2010

A classic job for Acronis True Image, which will do everything that you want.

click here

  Sea Urchin 12:36 22 Jan 2010

I assume you mean 40GB rather than 40MB and the same with the 120.

And better prices for Acronis from Amazon

click here

  Peter 12:39 22 Jan 2010


You should be able to do what you want with the clone function in Acronis Disk Image.

Just put the 120GB drive in a USB drive enclosure, connect up the USB drive and start up Acronis Disk Image. Clone the 40GB drive to the 120GB drive.

Take anti-static precautions before touching inside the computer.

Once cloned open up the computer, remove the 40GB drive and replace it with the 120GB drive. Reboot the computer and it should act/appear just as before, all programmes and data intact, but you will have more disk space to play with.


  bremner 13:49 22 Jan 2010

Yes Acronis can do what you want but...

Your current drive will have all the junk and detritus that you have accumulated. All the remanants of files and programs you have deleted. Using Acronis will take all that to your new drive.

If you have disks for all the programs that you have installed then you would be far better served by doing a fresh install onto the 120GB, installing the programs then adding all your personal files. Then create an Acronis image as a a back up.

  objective 19:33 22 Jan 2010

Thanks every so much to you all - thanks for the tip to use Acronis - I'll get it from Amazon, perfect !
I understand where you are coming from Bremner, but reinstalling from the suppliers disks, adding MS-Office, Skype, installing all my accounting s/w from scratch, adding my design and artwork packages, loading up on TCP s/w, media player, downloading and installing the x2 rwsers I use, configuring the lot, including reconfiguring the remote NAS access (nightmare - until it's done when I can't do without it), must take over 12 hrs conservatively.
A faster PC will probably solve the speed issue I'm developing, but I'm not having a problem just yet.
So which would you choose?
I think this is a good option. I'll miss that lovely feeling of a new, virgin install, but sitting in front of a "progress bar" 15 or 20 times is something from my youth I'd rather leave behind.
Now, if Microsoft develop a decent profile that allows you to tick off what you have paid for and it installs - THAT would be worthwhile !

Thanks to you all - I'll let you know how I go with Acronis . . .

  Pineman100 15:53 23 Jan 2010

If your computer is very slow, you might benefit from extra memory. What version of Windows are you running, and what's your RAM spec?

  objective 01:53 24 Jan 2010

Hi Pineman - Nope, my PC is running fine. I just need to install the HD space inboard rather than outboard. I had a look at Acronis True Image, and saw the mixed reviews. It's also hard to work out from the marketing blurb which version will do what I want.
So looked around a bit more and saw Paragon's Hard Disk Manager - seems to have good reviews (or at least as good as Acronis).
Should I just go for Acronis or ask around about Paragon ?? That's where I'm at.
Wouldn't it be lovely if a decent registry was kept so that you could just copy over user data and program files (including boot sectors and .dll's).
All best to all here, and thanks so much for your time.

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