Replacing UPS battery.

  rdave13 13:01 04 Apr 2012

Have a Unitek Alph650ipk UPS and the battery has died. Found a replacement here. Can any one tell me how difficult it can be to replace the battery? Is it worth replacing or buying a new UPS? Thanks.

  robin_x 13:08 04 Apr 2012

Standard lead acid with spade push on terminals.

Should be simple. Open up the unit first to check for snags. Security screws or different terminals.

There maybe/should be a fuse somewhere. Check that.

We used to lots of use those batteries where I worked. They don't last forever. Commonly available.

  rdave13 13:18 04 Apr 2012

Thanks robinofloxley. Watched a video for replacing an APS one. Will have a delve underneath the unit later on before ordering. This battery has been on the go since 2007 so done well.

  wiz-king 13:40 04 Apr 2012

I have several types of UPS's here, all use a different method of replacing batteries, one you un-clip the front then unscrew a square plate and the battery slides in, another has a plate on the base that unscrews and you just slide the battery in and screw back the plate, the last (IBM) has a plastic cover at the rear hiding the battery. All of them just have slide on leads with Lucar connectors.

Mind how you go and dont drop it on your foot!

Most of mine take this battery

  rdave13 13:53 04 Apr 2012

Thanks wiz-king. Same battery and I'll save a few pounds. :)

  Batch 17:44 04 Apr 2012

Similar spec battery available here for £15.60 if you collect from one of their branches (else delivered for £19.92)

  rdave13 10:46 05 Apr 2012

Just an update, ordered battery from MDS battery after posting yesterday and it just arrived. Very good service and free delivery.

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