replacing a scsi drive with an ide drive

  skwblue 09:30 25 Oct 2004

I've jusy been given an 80gb wd drive and i want to swap it for the 4GB scsi drive that currently has my OS (windows xp sp2) running on.I already have one WD 80GB drive in there. Had a go last night and installed the drive in its slot, but when connected, on reboot the bios (award) does not recognise the scsi drive and will not start up.

Is there a tutorial for this kind of operation or an idiots guide? I've made a back-up onto dvd-rw of the entire scsi drive using nero.

any help's appreciated


  jimv7 09:52 25 Oct 2004

Check the cables, and have you changed the boot sequence from scsi to ide.

  jimv7 09:53 25 Oct 2004

Check the cables, and have you changed the boot sequence from scsi to ide.

  skwblue 14:35 25 Oct 2004

have checked the jumpers on my lg dvd rom drive and nec dvdrw drive and they are fine. Connected the new hard drive and on start up the bios identifies the two WD 80GB drives as master and slave and the lg and NEC as master and slave. Then the SCsi adaptor starts and it goes straight to the "do you want to start in safe mode/s as there has been a possible power loss,etc." I usually boot through the 4GB drive on the scsi, is there some sort of issue that i'm not aware of?

  jimv7 14:40 25 Oct 2004

What size power supply have you, it could be that with the new hdd installed not enough power is available for the scsi.

Suggest you remove the new drive and see if the scsi now boots.

  Diemmess 15:47 25 Oct 2004

I have done this sort of thing and had pleasure turn to panic when whatever I assumed would happen - didn't!

The BIOS setting is critical and though it is unlikely to be the reason, Have you checked what it says about 1st and 2nd boot device.

Assuming "Floppy" to be first, the next should be "SCSI" or "HD 0" depending on which HD carries the boot track.

  skwblue 16:10 25 Oct 2004

power supply is 500watts so should be able to handle the lot.

Will set the bios as you said diemmess and see what happens..

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