Replacing Sagem USB modem

  Jackcoms 11:10 07 Oct 2006

I think that my Sagem [email protected] 800 modem is on its last legs (its given me many years of trouble-free service).

I do have another one in the house, so can I simply unplug the 'old' one and replace it with the new one or will I also have to un-install and re-install the drivers?

  STREETWORK 11:14 07 Oct 2006

1. Uninstall the drivers for the Sagem.

2. Download latest drivers for the new modem

3. Open the PC and replace the modem card.

4. reboot PC

5. Install the drivers for the new modem.

6. Check it works

  Jackcoms 11:18 07 Oct 2006

Thanks for your quick response. One question, however:

Item 3 - Replace the modem card.

Not sure about that one! There never was a modem card. The modem is a USB model as supplied by my ISP (Plug 'n' Play, if you will).

Presumably, therefore, I can ignore Item 3 ??!!

  STREETWORK 11:20 07 Oct 2006

OK remove the modem from the USB @ 3. Sorry used to internal modems here...

  Jackcoms 11:24 07 Oct 2006

Got it. Thanks. :-))

  Stuartli 11:50 07 Oct 2006

Just change the USB and ADSL cables over to the new modem with the system switched off (saves all the bong bongs!); it is worth downloading the latest Sagem modem drivers if you don't already have them.

  Jackcoms 12:27 07 Oct 2006

Thanks for your additional input.

In fact, I've already got the latest drivers on a USB pen drive. I seem to recall that I downloaded them some months ago from the Tiscali website on a recommendation from you in this Forum! ;-)

  Stuartli 16:01 07 Oct 2006

The latest drivers are actually available on the Sagem website:

click here

These drivers seem to have been around for some time now.

  Jackcoms 16:29 07 Oct 2006

Thanks for the link.

"These drivers seem to have been around for some time now."

Yep, I've been running those drivers for at least a year!

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