Replacing RAM stick with used sticks

  shploop 13:12 02 Aug 2014

Hello, My PC had crashed lately and was unable to turn it on(made some beeps)after some online research I found out it was one of my RAM sticks was burnt and after removing it and a fresh Win7 install, everything is working now.

Now I only have one stick of 2GB RAM and with Win7 I don't get the best performance...

I have a spare PC(with the same motherboard), that's not working properly but I think has good RAM sticks(two 2 GBs), I want to add these RAM sticks to my PC and replace the one I got left(I know it's best to install pairs of same type RAMs and not to mix them).

My questions are:

  • If I take these RAMs can it damage my PC because they have some stored data/settings from the spare PC?

(Although I know RAMs are not like hard-drives - that store data after shut-down PC)

  • Can I just remove my old RAM stick and install the spare RAMs?

(using an online guide to install the RAMS from the spare PC, as if they were new)

  Devil Fish 13:28 02 Aug 2014

providing the Ram you have is compatible with the new machine then you can swap it out

  BRYNIT 13:35 02 Aug 2014

If the Motherboards are identical and the ram is the same you should have no problem as the motherboard should detect it on boot up. Instructions on how to install Ram CLICK HERE

  shploop 13:53 02 Aug 2014

Thanks for the fast reply, Motherboards are idetical. (RAMs are 2GB but not from the same manufacturer, but I think that's not a problem).

  shploop 13:56 02 Aug 2014

Sorry for double post, but when I said "not the same manufacturer" I meant the old and new RAM - the two new RAMs are from same manufacturer and type.

Just wanted to avoid confusion. Thanks again.

  spuds 16:01 02 Aug 2014

Ram sales was once a very fluctuating market, but since those far off days things have become far more stable, so in reality using the same ram size should not be a problem.

Its the source of the ram that might be a problem, but if it worked okay in the past then it should in the future. You will soon find out, if or when you try it!.

Becareful though, on how you handle the ram, when you do the swaps.

  shploop 06:22 03 Aug 2014

Works good, I already see improvement in performance :).

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